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In response to the question from belmontmedina:

Yes, that is absolutely true! It will especially shorten the vase life of tulips. When you see tulips and daffodils arranged in a vase together it is essentially for the picture only. Your tulips will die shortly thereafter. krazykat from:

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3/31/09 06:38 PM

Useful resource for the 'do it yourselfer' with artistic skills. But in the absence of that, if all those colors set your ideas in motion, there is a great little etsy store that can put your creativity to canvas for you.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Spray Paint Isn't Just For Vandals Anymore
3/26/09 07:04 AM

reminds me of the "gorilla grille" bandana my son designed, I want it!

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12/21/07 05:21 PM

A calm and quiet repose is all I'm asking...

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12/12/07 02:20 AM

Oriental lilies are far and away my favorites. Generous fragrance, gorgeous colors, who could as for more? For why without words visit the plant therapy post: Jacks Lilies.

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11/16/07 11:35 AM