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First of all, you’re all idiots for having such strong opinions about things you haven’t thoroughly researched. There is no such thing as overpopulation. Look at the data. Not random people’s stupid opinions. At some point in your lives, you people should at least attempt to look up the most recent UN Population Division reports, World Population Monitoring. There is no shortage in food, living space or resources. And whenever there are people starving in third world countries, it’s the result of a ruthless dictator withholding food for political reasons- NOT overpopulation. The INCREASE in population was accompanied by an increase in production. look it up.

Secondly, there are too many old people in this country and too few Americans working. If it weren’t for the immigrants and illegals in this country, we wouldn’t be able to function financially and all of you ecologically conscious people wouldn’t be able to AFFORD to recycle and equip your homes with solar powered devices. We need MORE children in the world right now because we’re experiencing a population DECLINE. But there are still all the old farts alive, kicking, and sexing it up with Viagra at age 104- who the hell is supposed to pay for them, if not the next generaton?

This world is experiencing global warming, not because there are too many people consuming too many resources, but because there are too few people replenishing the resources we are using. Instead of having less children, have more children and make them all plant one tree every year. You guys are tards.

and to SherryBinNH, you signed that pledge and disappointed your parents for nothing. go get pregnant so your kids can pay to keep your aging mother alive. Again, you people are ridiculous.

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