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I live for the shelter rags! Subscribe to Met Home, Elle Decor and Domino, dammit, and I buy every other one that's out there - including Trad Home and Southern Accents - because, oh golly, I just can't get me enough design and product info. The blogs are terrific filler, but for me, they just don't take the place of the glossys.

Goodbye, Domino! I've loved you from the beginning and I will miss your smiling face.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Breaking News: Domino Magazine is Closing Condé Nast Folds Domino
1/28/09 09:09 PM

I just sent out 4 curved chair bases in 2" diameter tubular brass to be chrome plated at Chrome Addicts on the east coast of Florida. Charge is 175.00 ea.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Question: Resource for Replating Chrome?Los Angeles#comments#comments
9/2/08 07:38 PM

All ye churlish step aside........ where did that stunning tub come from, pray tell? I have to know.

Fantastic space all around.

Apartment Therapy - #9 - Nathaniel & Keith's Blue Period
11/15/07 04:44 PM