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I bike/walk/take the train to commute. Tupperware never spilled anything while I had my issues with Ikea containers.

What's the Best Container for Bringing My Lunch to Work? Good Questions
7/15/14 12:22 PM

In case you need a translation, just ask.

Help! Does Anyone Remember This Old Italian Cookbook? Good Questions
7/2/14 10:59 AM

Could it be "Il Cucchiaio d'Argento"?


Help! Does Anyone Remember This Old Italian Cookbook? Good Questions
7/2/14 09:50 AM

Not sure if I'm correctly understanding, by the way a dishwasher in Italy is pretty common, I don't know anyone washing dishes by hand. Costs 250-1000€ depending on the model. When you buy a new kitchen, often dishwasher or fridge are available by symbolically adding 1€ to the total amount spent.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Dishwasher?
6/5/14 08:49 AM

Definitely gonna try the green onion tip

Can I Eat Onions That Have Sprouted? Good Questions
5/15/14 10:17 AM

Really hope it's not your case, but my wife and I spent lots of hours carefully planning and tasting different dishes, paying additional tasting nights to our catering and you know what? They showed up with a totally different, messed up menu the "big day". Of course almost everyone was unaware of what we choose. I had some suspects when pieces of meats begun sneaking in some dishes and when a waiter brought us this marvelous big dish full of prosciutto, salame and so on: we are both vegetarians and choose our menu accordingly...

Thank you very much again, Atto Primo Banqueting Milano!

Apart from that, it was an incredible day and this was a minor issue: you'll have eyes only for your significant other. If you want my opinion, stick with food that may please everybody but leave a bit of your personality and taste: guests should enjoy their meal but also recognize you both in what they eat.


How Did You Plan Your Wedding Menu? It's Trickier Than I Expected
5/14/14 11:47 AM

Love the pipes one, back in a while we made this in our house, using water tubes to deliver electricity to some appliques:

I think we still have some scraps from that project, I'll give the cart a go! Also, I love the corner hanger you made!

Spice Up Your Decor at the Hardware Store: 5 Great Projects Made from Simple Supplies
1/28/14 08:41 AM

I feel your pain!
After a year or so, not only I had to change my eating habits but I also had to change my cooking habits. It definetely sucks, but gets better after a while.
Anyway, speaking of snacks, I moved to yogurt, fruit or dark chocolate; if I'm at home, plain white yogurt with homemade jam is truly satisfying, I'll probably continue this habit when I'll be out of this. Smoothies and gelato during spring and summer are no-brainer.
"Portable" snacks could be saltine crackers or simply soft bread with a little crust (or a good focaccia if you have access to it).

Eating with braces, IMHO, is a combination of different problems with a peak at the beginning of the therapy, including but not limited to:
- the fact that hard food may detach a brackets from a tooth
- increased sensitivity
- the fact that you have less power biting since teeth seems instable and moving
- scars inside your mouth which may hurt with acidic food
- and so on

After a while, I can say that the first one is the only problem remaining constant. You may experience some mobility after each control visit but it lasts just a couple of days. So the problem, after you adapt at this situation, is to avoid to eat food that may deatach brackets.

If you cut your food you can eat almost anything: but I can understand that the good part is chewing, not just swallowing.. I totally miss raw vegetables like carrots but celery and bell peppers are fine: you can cut them in stripes, it'll be just fine under your teeth. Generally speaking, I found that you need to avoid cutting with your front teeth but it's fine to chew with you back ones (there, food is on the large flat surface of the tooth, not forcing on the face and on the glued bracket; also, you should have sort of rings on the back which are much more stable).

Finally I believe you have to go a little "over" sometimes, to better understand your boundaries: I usually push the limit (read: nuts) when I'm approaching the next monthly check, this way if something goes wrong Doctor Torture can fix everything soon.

I wish you the best.


Healthy Snack Ideas for People With Braces? Good Questions
1/7/14 11:56 AM

Some simple things I learned when I hosted my first Christmas (similar problems except the turkey):
- taste everything goes from kitchen to the table (easily overlooked)
- write your plan
- drink alcohol only after you finished cooking
- reserve some time to have a shower before eating
- enjoy as much as you can: you'll definetely enjoy much more next time but this one will be great anyway, you'll learn lot of things and in one way or another you'll get through it!

I'm Hosting My First Thanksgiving Ever! Tell Me What I Should Know Reader Intelligence Request
11/15/13 06:45 AM

Hi Jen!
Sometimes we eat cold pasta but is not very common. When we do, we enjoy something like farfalle or mezzepenne, never long pasta like spaghetti or tagliatelle. There is a product line from Barilla making smaller version of "adult" pasta, which also has farfalle as a format. Don't know if it's exported where you are but you can take a look (website: )

It's much more common to see a cold dish with rice, we call it insalata di riso: this is a pretty good recipe in english but I suggest to take a look to this one from a very popular italian blog. Take a look at the pics; there is also an English translated videorecipe here:
Of course you can ditch any ingredient kids don't like or throw in any other fresh ingredient. It's a very flexible dish without a real "official" recipe.

As for the crepes, it's supereasy to do them, once you have found the right batter take note and use it for both sweet and salted (just don't use sugar) recipes!

If I can help in any way, feel free to contact me at m.bagattini[at], since kitchn commenting system doesn't do a great job with notification. Someone said Disquss ;)?

Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Italian Dinner? Good Questions
5/27/13 11:01 AM

Often, in my experience, when a large family gather to eat at home we prepare a separate smaller table for the kids, with a simpler menu than the one for the adults.
Nine out of ten pasta al pomodoro is served, so I second ficklegold for that. You can make some penne with passata di pomodoro, warmed just a little with extra virgin olive oil, salt, a pitch of sugar and basil.
Since we usually have more curses, I suggest breaded chicken brest and potatoes puree as second curse. And finally, a crepe with nutella as dessert. Don't know there, but this would be the ideal meal for a kid here!

Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Italian Dinner? Good Questions
5/24/13 04:05 AM

I second @CHRISGO7, definetely a metal lime squeezer!

What Mexican Ingredients and Cookware Should I Buy On My Trip?Product & Shopping Questions
5/17/12 05:41 AM

I prefer fresh peppers because they also have a taste and consistency under your teeth, not just the power. Cut in rings about 1 cm long, keep them in hot oil with garlic for a couple of minutes without burning anything (tilt the pan so everything is submerged by oil). Leave some slices aside so you can garnish your pasta with them and lot of fresh parsley and pecorino cheese! If you don't add anything else to the oil-garlic-pepper mix, you have a "aglio olio e peperoncino" for free. If you want to go on with an arrabbiata, add fresh tomato or salsa and let it dry. Keep your pasta al dente and run it into your souce for a couple of minutes, it'll absorb some juice and will be very tasty!

Help Me Make Arrabiata Sauce with Fresh Hot Peppers?
Good Questions

9/22/11 11:06 AM

Younger Grana Padano is maybe comparable or even preferable to Parmigiano because it costs less and both give some spikes in mouth, which you could enjoy depending on your taste. But I definitely prefer a old piece of Parmigiano, like a 30 months one over an old Grana. Parmigiano smooths its flavour over the years and become perfect between the second and third year. Grana is ok after one year but become grit, hard and sometimes too spicy when old. I don't know if it's sold outside Italy, but we have a nice and cheap alternative to both Grana and Parmigiano which is Bella Lodi, produced near Milan.
@Transote, don't know how it works on foreign markets, but there is only one brand for each one of them and the brand is stamped outside the rind; if it is PDO you shouldn't find any major difference between a re-seller and another if they are both the same age.

Seek It Out: Grana Padano
The Cheesemonger

9/22/11 06:34 AM

I also agree that putting paint so near to things you'll doesn't sounds fine. Maybe there are "safe" paints but it's.. don't know, not "organic".
What about wood or cork? Something circular, flared, about 2cm thick.. you'll probably store only dry stuff so a just leaned cover would be enough. Aesthetically you'll have the glass thread outside and visible but with a brown background in trasparence could be even nice to see.

Creative Ways to Transform These Gold Green Jar Lids? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/20/10 04:52 AM