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I have a bowl of pine cones and walnuts on my dining room table. Most of them were dipped in gold paint, with a few covered in glitter for contrast. It looks fantastic, and I can leave it out all winter!

Merry Making: Nearly-No-Cost Holiday Decorations
12/2/10 04:45 PM

I would love to send email thank yous, but many of the people on my list don't use the internet. Alas!

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12/1/10 05:19 PM

I just moved into a condo a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely know what you're talking about! I'm trying not to run myself ragged getting everything taken care of right this instant (especially since I've had the necessities unpacked since day 2), but it's surprisingly hard to be patient!

Knowing When to Slow Down After Moving to a New Space | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/16/10 08:07 PM

To make the jar trap work you need to squirt a bit of dish soap on the vinegar and ditch the funnel. The flies will get stuck on the thin layer of soap and drown. It works like a charm, though looking at the pile of dead bugs can get kind of icky.

Dealing With Flies in the Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/26/10 10:34 AM

It doesn't sound like they are expecting gifts, but that several people have been asking and they want to figure out what to do.

I think that as long as it's being done because a ton of people have been asking and they want to make their loved ones lives easier, it's fine. If it's being done because they want gifts.... not so fine. Different practices (such as registries) can be appropriate (or inappropriate) to different social groups. It's all about making people comfortable, and if a registry will do that, then great. But if they are worried about being tacky it might be better to just suggest broad categories to people who ask (such as "we're doing our kitchen in red and white," or "we're excited to finally have a patio so we can do container gardening!" or somesuch).

Tacky or Tasteful? Registering For a Housewarming | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/11/10 10:24 PM

Those are all really cute! But I don't see any dressers in any of them(even the ones that aren't alcoves, and thus theoretically could fit them) -- where do people store their clothing?

Small Bedrooms and Bed Nooks Inspiration Gallery | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/19/10 08:09 PM