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Well, I'll start w/the VW van, awesome. I happen to love just 'bout everything in this home. It's relaxed feel and look is what caught my eye. Well actually the van did. And I like that you only choose worn used modern pieces. My guess is like an 'ol pair of jeans it just feels lived in look better w/age & comfy. Great pieces and I although it may have taken time to find/purchase them it was obviously worth it. I counted 5 lil birds btw. I may have missed one? Great tour.

Jessica & Jonathan's 'Like-Eich' Ranch House Tour
7/12/12 12:29 PM

I love your home too!! How I wish to one day also have a small intimate lil home like this! And I know all those things in your home are things you've saved from a very interesting life you've had - so much more to go though ;) Loves.

Cory's Key West Cottage Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 06:38 PM

So many comments about this nude pillow I simply had to go check it out. The pillow did not in the least bit bother me and why would it? The parents like it that's pretty much all that matters. Love the room and the artwork! Lil Lulu is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Lulu's Art-Filled Dogtown Digs
Kids Tour

2/6/12 11:49 PM

Hmm... I don't have a name for my Ikea pieces. Two wicker metal chairs, one large desk and matching shelf. One large wooden oval mirror. I've had them for wow, that many years. They're pretty much mixed in with older/new pieces and I can't say they bug me much. I would like to have replaced these pieces many times but never really get around to it either. Then I look at my pieces and think they've lasted way over, going to guess here, 14 years? No, more. And look pretty darn good for their age. Even the desk and floating shelf changed color yet look good. These days, unless it's given to me, I can't afford to purchase anything "new." Not when that money can pay the rent or bills. I'll hold on my Ikea pieces for now.

See Ya Later Ikea: Out with the New & In with the Old
1/4/12 11:34 PM

Wow. What a beautiful home loved this tour!

Rachel & Jonathan's Cozy Angelino Heights Home
House Tour

12/13/11 01:19 PM

A few months ago, I cut out using any oil and butter. So, Pam was the replacement. I also pretty much lowered my salt intake and do not use sugar.
At first it was difficult but I've learned to use other spices to add flavor to my food. Learning how to eat the right way for medical reasons has taught me a lot and I feel much better as a result.

Survey: Do You Use Cooking Sprays?
12/1/11 03:38 PM

Was that knit throw/blanket made or purchased? I'm absolutely in love with it... Lovely home thanks for sharing.

Joe's Curiosity Shop Shotgun Apartment
House Tour

11/23/11 03:12 PM

Could use this right about now. Nice, even nicer if...


Win This Sous Chef Food Processor from Breville!
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11/23/11 03:10 PM

Love that dark blue wall color! Entire room was very nicely done! Wishing you the best luck!

Turtle's "Rodchenko Blue" Room
11/22/11 02:14 PM


$2.00 ea. 36 inch balloons

Geronimo: Jumbo Balloons for Parties
11/16/11 11:23 AM

I did this a few years ago. I purchased 6 36 in. balloons for an outside party and did not pay that much money. Not even $55.00. That's insane.

I ordered them online and they were much less. I do recommend though you have or purchase a helium machine because I didn't. I had to call a local party store and ask if they'd fill the balloons for me. They did. Problem was picking them up. They were so huge I had trouble driving. And I was barely able to make them fit in my truck. Everyone loved them though they looked awesome!

Geronimo: Jumbo Balloons for Parties
11/16/11 11:20 AM

Beautiful home. And I like your advice on decorating do it for yourself...

Thanks for sharing! Love everything there's really no favorite room. Lovely.

Doryn's Glamorous Return to the City
House Tour

11/3/11 11:29 PM

Love blue! Painted my daughter's bedroom in blue. A sort of lavender/blue color which complimented her beautifully on her wedding day. I'm also just starting to love dark green.

The Most Popular Color in the World
10/10/11 03:43 PM

Had the neighbor not mentioned anything you would not have questioned it. Where I live there's a home where an entire family was killed years ago. About a year later a young single man purchased the two family home. My daughter's best friend lived two houses down and new the family who'd been murdered. Her new neighbor has married and has two small children.
I'm sure he was also offered a great deal. Don't let this stop you or let it bother you at all. Good luck with your new home!

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
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9/9/11 01:58 PM

Oh just three photos? Shame, looks like an awesome space would have liked to seen more.

I also happen to love your couch and your clothing! Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly's Design Studio & Home
House Call

8/10/11 04:57 PM

I think it depends on what you're using to cover them. So, I'll say Chic. I happen to have my arm chair covered with an old linen coverlet I purchased from a seller in Holland on ebay years ago. It doesn't look sloppy (to me ;) however, everyone has their own tastes. For me it's a cosy laid back sort of look that can add charm to a piece of furniture.

Loose-Fitting Slipcovers: Shabby or Chic?
8/5/11 02:02 PM

Lol, The Shining...

Yes, I could totally live here ;)

Isabelle & Brandon’s Lovely Echo Park Cottage
House Tour

7/28/11 09:10 AM

What a treat! Beautiful home and I didn't want the tour to end. I loved how lived in and relaxing this home is a new favorite I'll revisit often.

Isabelle & Brandon’s Lovely Echo Park Cottage
House Tour

7/28/11 09:08 AM

At 7am it was 85 degrees. At 5pm it was 101.

It's miserably unbearable out there so I'll be spending the weekend indoors taking care of last minute plans for a bridal shower. Hopefully, this heat wave will break soon.

Keeping Your Cool: Tips to Help Beat the Heat
7/22/11 08:36 PM

Jason well done! I've always said I hate cooking in a depressing space. I need a happy place to cook or else I'm not/won't. Love what you've done here it's both happy and functional! Nice.

Jason's $250 Remodeled Rental Kitchen
7/22/11 06:35 PM