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Warms my heart to see people's pet's in the house tours; totally adds to the decor!

Shauntelle & Dave's Controlled Kitsch - Part 1
House Tour

8/19/10 12:41 PM

I would hand wash the panels one at a time in the bath tub. You'll probably need a helper since they are so long. but if you blot the excess water out of them (rather than having them crammed in a washer and spun)and dry them flat on a long table you will have way less wrinkling. When they're dry put them back on the rods and use a steamer to finish off the remaining wrinkles.

What's The Best Way To Clean My Sheer Linen Curtains?
Good Question

8/5/10 12:46 PM

If your landlord allows you to paint then you should; but get it in writing for sure. I don't agree with not investing just cause it's a rental; given the instability of the economy; you could end up being there a while and it's your home. Home is where you live; where your things are; it has nothing to do with mortgage vs. lease.

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7/14/10 09:45 AM

I just discovered your website today and am in heaven. I feel like there's been a huge void left due to the end of Domino magazine and your website is a welcome remedy. Thank you so much!! ;-D

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4/19/10 04:27 PM