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If you're contemplating the CB2 Fresca Coffee Table/Bench, I'd recommend checking out the Malm Occasional Table at Ikea ($80). Alternately, the Malm Dressing Table ($179) comes with a thin drawer and is a little longer. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Stool Table Options for Entryway? Good Questions
10/20/09 06:27 PM

how exciting!! I've been hoping CB2 would come to DC...

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? CB2 Coming to DC
7/9/09 01:13 AM

Palmetto, a whole bookcase for showcasing pretty shoes seems quite dreamy to me =oP

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Places To Place Your Shoes
10/15/08 09:16 AM

Mmmmm..... ben's chili bowl.....

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Help Me Soundproof My Rental!
9/26/08 07:20 AM

The folks on that tv show, design on a dime, use those "fake" ones. It may save time on the installation, but doesn't look as good as the real thing, IMHO. Since they're tacked down every several nails, they just don't sit quite as snugly. I say, if you're going to do it, commit to it and go all the way. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 2 Washington DC
9/22/08 07:35 AM

Dress shirts and curtains... oooohhh, to think of the potential hours saved from the tedious task of ironing...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Rowenta IS1430 1400-Watt Pro Compact Steamer Los Angeles
9/11/08 02:00 PM

three words... noguchi filing system.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 2 Tips To Make Filing Easier
9/8/08 09:19 AM

I love my LG WM3431HS. Capacity is larger than others I researched. It's pricey but if you shop around, you can find one that's similar in cost to a full w/d set. I think its worth it since it replaced a ugly white stackable unit that took up precious kitchen cabinet and countertop space. My LG fits perfectly under my new kitchen countertop and blends in just fine with all my stainless steel appliances.

Wrinkles are a given when drying, but lots of fabric softener and removing immediately prevents them from setting in. I prefer air drying my clothes (keeps colors vibrant longer and prevents shrinkage), so its only ever an issue with sheets.

Apartment Therapy New York | All-In-One Washer and Dryer Combinations Washington DC
9/5/08 01:28 PM

Nesagwa, I bought an LG ventless combo washer/dryer (Model: WM3431HS) at a big box store about 1.5 years ago.

It replaced a ugly white stackable unit that took up precious kitchen cabinet and countertop space. My LG fits perfectly under my new kitchen countertop and blends in just fine with all my stainless steel appliances.

The unit uses condensation for drying, so it takes longer for a load to dry than a typical dryer; but aside from sheets, I air dry most of my clothes anyway so it's never really been an issue. I'm quite content with the purchase overall.

I've seen some online sites that also sell combination units. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | ATLA Survey: Where Do You Do Laundry?
8/19/08 10:12 AM

I recently attempted to touch up a tabletop with a very similar product (Minwax Reviver). What did you find was the best "applicator mop" for avoiding rogue fibers deposits and uneven coating?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best Products: Bona X Hardwood Refresher
8/18/08 08:30 AM

organized randomness, if that makes any sense...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Do You Choose Your Art Gallery Layout?
8/14/08 11:09 AM

I painted a set of Billy bookshelves and a rolling file cabinet. They started out as standard issue old-school Ikea Beech and are now a fabulous black. Required light sanding to rough up the super smooth veneer surface, a high adhesive primer, and three coats of paint. The end product looks great (no one even guesses that it was a DIY-job).

One comment though--perhaps I'm missing a final step--objects, when placed on the painted surface, tends to stick ever so slightly. Makes me wonder if I should have topped it off with a clear coat or lacquer....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Can You Paint Ikea Lack Shelves?
6/11/08 11:40 AM

peacyall, not entirely sure since I can't see the whole chair and the t-cushions are also throwing me off a little, but perhaps it's a reupholstered Milo Baughman piece?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Replacement Tiles?
4/21/08 03:45 PM

please, where can i find that picture? that's my favorite movie of all time!!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #8: Trilby's New York Minute Retreat
4/4/08 08:44 AM

Ohh, potential!

I would remove the shelves and the molding on the built-ins; that way, rather than using the built-ins as bookshelves, they become niches by which to showcase some substantial art or tall vases.

Paint the baseboards white so that your eyes don't immediately focus downward.

Regarding the fireplace, I would remove the molding (or paint it white), add a more substantial mantle, change out the fire place gate with something more modern (i.e., brushed stainless steel or nickel finish), and maybe even close off the area above the fireplace to make it flush with the rest of the wall since three niche areas may be a bit excessive.

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What to do with this Awkward Fireplace?
3/26/08 02:57 PM

ooohh... but does it hold those mega-sized rolls?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Classico Overtank Bath Tissue Holder from the Container Store
3/17/08 12:29 PM

Regarding microfiber towels, I've been told on numerous occasions that they absolutely must be washed *separately* from other items since they'll pick up all the lint during the wash.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: How Can I Remove This Residue?
3/17/08 12:06 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Blogger Search: AT:Washington, DC Wants You!
3/17/08 11:02 AM

My old place had Pergo brand laminate flooring. It extremely durable and a breeze to take care of (just mop and go). Never had issues with delaminating, not even after accidentally overfilling a fish tank (whoops).

My current place has some knock-off brand laminate and the quality is far inferior. It was installed by the previous owner just prior to selling the place and within months, the edges began to delaminate. Now, I'm almost scared to mop the floor out of fear that the moisture will make it worse.

Just make sure you buy a reputable brand when purchasing laminate flooring. If/when i redo the flooring, I'll definitely purchase Pergo. That's just my two cents.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ikea Balk vs. Pergo
1/18/08 10:59 AM

20% discount can be applied toward expensive fancy cookware sets at bb&b. They also have an extensive travel-size toiletry collection.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thoughts on Bed, Bath Beyond?
1/18/08 10:43 AM