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This isn't really about the (very appealling) tissue box, but I wanted to recommend handkerchiefs to those who are sniffly--I have perpetual allergies and switched a few months ago to cloth from tissues. Apart from the presumed environmental benefits, my skin is much, much happier, and I am less sniffly. Those boxes of tissues let out little puffs of dust when you pull one out--the very dust that causes the sniffles, for me.... Maybe not ideal when you're sick, though.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hinoki Tissue Box
12/21/07 04:39 AM

I vote for this place! I love the layers of texture and color and line--even that twisty plant over the sofa seems perfectly placed, to me. But at the same time it feels like the reflection of personal history and taste, rather than over-curated. Sometimes the color contest seems to inspire questions about what qualifies as color, but here I think we get the best of both arguments. I wish I had the knack of using color both as boldly (orange rug) and subtly (dining room) as ChrisToronto does. (After lurking lo these many months, this inspired me to register)

Apartment Therapy - FC East Finalist #4: ChrisToronto's Winter Antidote
11/15/07 06:10 AM