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i'm already on my way to visit that middle room with a plate of cookies and a sleeping bag in tow. see everyone there.

A Look Inside Chicago Photographers' Homes CS Interiors | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/9/10 11:03 AM

my fiance was once left a note by a neighbor that stated (in bright red marker no less): PARK STRAIGHT OR PARK SOMEWHERE ELSE!

i molded two shiny pink Sculpey ass cheeks and shoved the rolled up note between them. we placed it on the neighbor's car hood and we never heard from him again.

10 Passive Aggressive Notes We Wish We Wrote | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/9/10 10:54 AM

Hunted -- I understand.

I studied architecture and furniture design while in university and fell in love with anything and everything 'Eames', so I started saving up (very slowly, I might add.) Now, I'm about ready to splurge on a dining suite and would love to purchase the chairs I've wanted for so long, but I'm really hesitating because it seems they're quite simply... everywhere. There are a lot of great things to see on AT, but I agree that the Mid-Century Modern craze has reached its (unthinkable!) summit. The view from up here has gotten terribly boring.

This is a well-designed space and kudos to Lasse for submitting, but there is nothing really new or original here at all. It's a sad day. I never thought a set of bright green eiffel chairs would make me yawn.

Small Cool 2010: Lasse's Welcoming Wonderful Home International Division # 16 | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/6/10 03:04 PM

in fairness to all the naysayers, i think heath's comments about having "a great eye for design" and how everyone thinks his place is "fabulous" put some people off a bit.

personally, i don't think he has the design chops to be making such comments about his space -- and even if he did, why say so?

Heath's Garden Room House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
4/19/10 12:32 PM

oh, dear. amanda palmer lives and she's forgotten to take her meds.

i can appreciate quirky, but i think living in this space would give me the creeps. but, i'll bet the canada goose this curio shop likely houses a most interesting person.

i'd love to visit as well, but please don't lock me in a coffin.

Briana's Salvaged Sanctuary House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/19/10 11:22 AM