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No!! If you leave next to a sandy beach just refrain from the eames chair until you wash your feet or until your bottoms dry. If you do not leave next to a sandy beach and you have wet bottoms just wear a nappy, but in any case just do not slipcover it

Inspiration: Slipcovered Eames Chair for Summer
4/13/11 04:58 PM

you can put lentils in wet cotton pad and have the same effect for some weeks for free. But the post was a good reminder.

Dirt-Free Wheat Grass Will Keep Your Bedroom Tidy
3/21/11 07:57 PM

only good looking guys with no clothes on are allowed in my bedroom

What Isn't Allowed In Your Bedroom?
3/16/11 06:55 PM

there is sth similar to that canvas here:
I like the cabinet des curiosites feeling combined with luxurious modern furniture. i would love a full tour

Steven & Anthony's Chic Modern Getaway
House Call

3/16/11 06:49 PM

Magic erasers have been banned in europe and yes they are highly toxic

10 Kids' Things A Magic Eraser Is Killer At Cleaning
3/15/11 02:31 PM

my dad always says "i'm going to send a fax" while heading towards the toilet

Can You List 100 Different Ways To Say 'Toilet'?
3/4/11 05:38 PM

me too I guess but until I get one I'll keep refreshing. just for the fun...

Jessica and Angela's Art-Filled Oasis
House Tour

3/4/11 03:09 PM

I guess sth is wrong with the comments in this post non-offensive comments keep disappearing whereas in other cases no one bothers to delete the reported spam. what's wrong AT???

Jessica and Angela's Art-Filled Oasis
House Tour

3/4/11 02:58 PM

heavy duty dexion shelving (I'm not sure it is called dexion in the US though). nothing is sturdier.

Recommend Sturdy Free Standing Bookshelves?
Good Questions

3/2/11 06:11 PM


Right Now! Face Time with Maxwell, Hosted by Duracell
12/21/10 05:29 PM

that makes 2 of us! agan wow!

Right Now! Face Time with Maxwell, Hosted by Duracell
12/21/10 05:29 PM

why not a Kartell ghost mirror? http://www.conranshop.fr/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=10305&cid=LivingMirrors&language=fr-FR

Modern Mirror Suggestions for Art Deco Antique?
Good Questions

11/22/10 01:42 PM

one more vote for the blue (I just painted my living room and love it) and little touches of gold or gold-ish yellow can do magic. but i also like crisp white accessories in combination with royal blue. I fact I would use white lamps in the style of the habitat lamp linked by b77*, white curtains and desk accessories and add some golden frames or other small touches. I would also put some deep fuchsia cushions on the bed.

Finishing Touches & Wall Color for New Bedroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/11/10 09:26 PM

yeah just get rid of that white trim

Design Ideas for Pass Through? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/10/10 06:25 PM

your house is just gorgeous. I am another one who is dying to know where the bar comes from...

Revisiting Beth's Teeny Tiny Peek-a-boo View House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/10/10 03:20 PM

ok 3d comment in a row. check out this chair http://www.4-pieds.com/1393-lot-de-deux-chaises-design-calligaris-wien-en-plexi.html
in white and transparent. if I where to change my ghost that is what I would go for and I think they are way more practical than the ghost (less plexi)

Do The Victoria Ghost Chairs Scratch Easily? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/7/10 06:25 PM

I forgot to add that even if it is painful to clean them they look really cool in a small place because they occupy no visual space. but if you are going for transparent chairs why not go for another model? the ghost is in every other house lately.

Do The Victoria Ghost Chairs Scratch Easily? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/7/10 06:17 PM

I own four of them for 2 years. I have heard from others that they scratch easily but mine so far are not scratched
(maybe because I only use them occasionally and my house is kids-free) BUT they attract the dust like magnets and also it is really hard to make them look crystal clear. I guess that little sticky fingers will not make things any better...

Do The Victoria Ghost Chairs Scratch Easily? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/7/10 06:11 PM

mdf does not bend easier than real wood, it all depends on the thickness, actually it is even a bit better than real wood for bookcases exactly because it does not expand. By the way in bookcases the width must never be over 70cm because then it will definitely bend wooden or mdf

WTF is MDF? Understanding Medium-Density Fiberboard WoodWise | Apartment Therapy New York
6/7/10 01:57 PM

please please please show us the rest of the apt. I also leave in paris and I have a kitchen of exactly the same size, i have a feeling that this appartment is packed with with clever and stylish ideas for small spaces. cashba usually people in paris stock their cans in one of their two kitchen cupboards. apts in paris are so small it is not even funny. some have their WC on the landing so a full size pantry is the least of our problems. and again please please please more pics!!!!!

Kitchen Tour: Stephane's Small Parisian Wonder | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/4/10 10:54 AM