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This is so cute : )

Home is Where the Heart Is: Pinterest Challenge
11/19/11 05:03 PM

The second picture is beyond flawless! That painting must be mine!

Painting Alternative: Use Artwork in Place of Wall Color
11/10/11 04:33 PM

This is adorable and a half!

It's Easy, Baby: DIY Abstract Art with a Twist
11/10/11 04:05 PM

This playlist is genius! I would only add
The Drums- Best Friend
Jimmy Needham-Unfailing Love

Clean Sweep: Pre-Party Playlist
11/10/11 04:02 PM

beyond in love!

Bright Entryways: Foyers that Pop
10/24/11 03:59 AM

I wanna make this so bad!!

How To: Create a Repurposed Wine Crate Planter
10/24/11 03:59 AM

Thats so cute!!

Before & After: Streamlining Scarf Storage
10/24/11 03:58 AM

Looks so pretty!!

How To: Make a Glittering Lightscape
10/24/11 03:54 AM

I love this wallpaper so much!!

Mad About Metallic: Wallpaper that Makes a Statement
10/24/11 03:53 AM

I love the first picture so much!!

Dichromatic Inspiration: It's All Black & White
10/15/11 01:59 AM

I am in love with this!!

How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents
10/15/11 01:58 AM

I love this!!! I would do the top white and the bottom a pink with a not finished look!

All Natural: Make an Easy DIY Stump Table
Thrifty and Chic

7/29/11 10:14 PM

I love the paper lanterns!

Just Do It: July's Best DIYs, How Tos & Tips
7/29/11 09:27 PM

I love this house so much!!

HGTV Host Taniya Nayak's Home with a River View
House Tour

7/28/11 03:47 PM

I like them how they are just paint a clear gloss over them!!

Should I Paint Antique Josef Kohn Chairs?
Good Questions

7/28/11 03:45 PM

very pretty!

Emily's Well-Appointed Apartment
House Tour

7/27/11 08:40 PM

I love this so much!!!

DIY Entryway Storage: Colorful Crates
Thea's Mania

7/27/11 08:39 PM

I like it alot!!

Before & After: Wood-Grain Wardrobe Makeover
7/19/11 12:11 PM

tttooo cute!

Tiny Gifts, Hidden In Plain Sight: HingeHeads
7/19/11 12:10 PM

I like this alot, but its not really my style

DIY Pallet Sofa Inspiration

7/19/11 12:09 PM