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Ah, the Iowa 80. But it's in Walcott, not Plainview. I've spent enough time in Durant to know this. (And done the drive from KC to Chicago, far too many times.)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Found Giant Map Wallpaper!
3/16/09 08:21 PM

Is it just me or does one of those chairs look...well...phallic?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | A Reluctant Roundup: Gaming Chairs
12/12/08 02:11 PM

It's the Sheridan stop for those wondering. I've also been eagerly waiting for something to happen.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: Slow Storm Recovery
3/5/08 06:47 PM

What neighborhood is this in? I'm coveting the exposed brick and arch ways -- and everything else!

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors Midwest Finalist Entry: Erin and Seth's Home of Happiness
11/14/07 03:47 PM