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Apartment Therapy - Deer Chair by Autobahn#comments
11/28/07 06:23 AM

Im the self proclaimed biggest fan of High Fashion Home and they carry a line called "Dream Sacks" and "Inhabit Living". Dream Sacks is more luxurious looking - gold tones, ivory etc, where as InHabit is more fashion foward and unique in thier sets.

My set is from Inhabit Living. You can buy retail or direct - I have no idea on price difference. Online is going for $210 for King.
<img src=""
<br/>Rhythm in Chocolate is the name of the set
Dream Sack's website doesn't do their products justice and their site's e-commerce features aren't as user friendly as most so you be the judge.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Duvet Cover For Our Tropical Blue Room?#comments#comments
11/28/07 04:35 AM

The size of those Carafes are massive! I didn't grasp the size until I seen the picture matching it to a traditional wine bottle.

One question. If wine is supposed to be served chillled, how would you chill this beast?

Apartment Therapy - Etienne Meneau's Decanters N°2 and N°4Slinks: n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites#comments
11/28/07 03:59 AM

Great design, I hate the look, well unless they have some other models. It reminds me of the sofas at my old dorm's study lounge.

Apartment Therapy - The Doc XL: Sofa & Bunkbed In One#comments
11/28/07 03:50 AM

I just started on here and the only comments I left was about my mirror and now about my chairs since I seen topics about it. I still haven't felt my way around the sections yet, BUT, Im working on it nevertheless. I have to admit though, I am High Fashion Home's biggest fan.- It's impossible to not be.<br/><br/>Ok enough about me and my perfectly formated comment or "spam" as coined by Archie.

To Greer:
What about dining chairs doubling as living room side chairs? The Silvia has a model with arms that looks great as an end dining chair and living room side chair. Is this a design mistake or a testament to versatility?

Apartment Therapy - Deer Chair by Autobahn#comments#comments
11/27/07 08:05 PM

High Fashion Home is a store I bought my mirror and dining set from. The dining chairs link was for those interested in seeing what other chairs they have. I dont want to use their images without giving them a link thats all.

Apartment Therapy - Deer Chair by Autobahn
11/27/07 12:32 PM

What's more of the trend in dining: "With Arm" or "Without Arm"?

I decided to go "No Arm" and bought this chair. <br/>It's called the Sylvia Side Chair.<br/>
<img src=""
I wanted to buy this chair, which has the arms, (pic below). Sometimes I wonder if I should have gotten this one instead.

This one is called the Ipanema Arm Chair<br/>
<img src=""
My chairs are from High Fashion Home.<br/> High Fashion Home Dining Chairs

Apartment Therapy - Deer Chair by Autobahn
11/27/07 11:57 AM

I bought this mirror from High Fashion Home while on vacation in Texas and just had to have it. I get compliments on it and it was at a great price.

Here's the link to their mirrors

Here's the mirror I bought.

They also have this blog they just launched where I've seen some deals on sofas, so you might find deals there also. Good Luck, hope this helps.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Mirror for this Mantle?#comments
11/14/07 01:52 PM