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Care to note the dimensions of this product? The maker's website doesn't say. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Ubi Changing Table
10/4/07 09:25 AM

I would play this with my non-foodie friends and kick their butts! They can't even name three edible flowers!!! But I can:

Chive blossoms
Squash blossoms

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Foodie Fight Trivia Game
9/27/07 10:12 AM

My husband thought this was the most ridiculous thing when I excitedly tried to buy one right after we moved into our two-story house from a NYC apt. All the time, I wish I had ignored him and bought it. Stuff really does accumulate to go up or down the stairs, and it's unwieldy to carry a bunch of stuff. This is the perfect solution!

Apartment Therapy - Rattan Step Basket
9/24/07 01:27 PM

Me me me! I'm on a kitchen mission. I was basically thinking of doing something like this anyway, but it would be so much more fun to do with others!

Apartment Therapy - September is Kitchen Keeping Month!
9/7/07 09:21 AM

Do you mean Mimos like the champagne and orange juice cocktail? Or like the tree/essential oil?

Apartment Therapy - Celebrations: Wedding Dessert Reception Menu
8/31/07 09:16 AM

As a part of a larger effort to make my 1958-era kitchen more palatable to me, I just cleared off everything that had accumulated on the refrigerator. And WOW! That's the best 5 minutes I ever spent cleaning/renovating my house. Instantly, the kitchen looks cleaner, more organized, and less overwhelmingly cluttered! Now...on to the corkboard filled with baby announcements, coupons, and various doodads.

Apartment Therapy - What's on Your Refrigerator Door?
8/24/07 06:37 AM

No Way! Sari's is way better. It shows that the site isn't just about cooking (like the finalist's implies), but boozing and eating too!

Apartment Therapy - Apartment Therapy Market Bag Designs, Pt. 4
8/23/07 10:00 AM

Check out:

Different door pulls and you'd be very close!

Apartment Therapy - How Easy Was That? Recreating Barefoot's Kitchen
8/15/07 08:18 AM

three words: second floor laundry!

Survey: How Often Do You Do Laundry?
7/30/07 09:56 AM

Check out what Making It Lovely is doing with her eerily similar bathroom. Lots of opinions by commenters over there:

Good Questions: How To Hide Blue Toilet Sink Monster?
7/26/07 07:30 AM

the top shelf is for the telephone, and the bottom shelf is for the telephone book. at least that's what we did at our house.

Good Questions: Can Anyone Give Information on This Chair?
7/12/07 06:53 AM

My mother told me, as she sent me off to college: "My mother told me to marry a Jewish man, because they are educated and good with money."

Psssst... iPod Giveaway over at Home Tech
5/10/07 10:37 AM

There used to be a product in the 70s for exactly this.....they did infomercials, along with Creedence Clearwater Revival albums and sweatsuits made from silver duct-tape like material.

Something like this:

Good Questions: How Can I Fix My Chair?
4/12/07 11:54 AM

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What's Your Health Approach?
4/6/07 06:43 AM