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Erm, "baking flour"? :) I believe that would be some baking powder, lol. Love the recipe and image!

So You Know: Cookie Monster's Famous Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe
9/17/12 10:24 AM

I'd say the change to the post titles has already happened. I got all excited when I read NYC, BO, DC, CHI, LA, Bay Area & Online. Oh wait, that title's been a tease for some time.

All sarcasm aside, I'd love for the online version to become a reality.

Weekend Deals Guide: 3.26.10 NYC, BO, DC, CHI, LA, Bay Area Online | Apartment Therapy New York
3/27/10 06:38 PM

I keep reading about all these great Ikea finds. When, oh when will ours be built?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Denver
3/19/09 12:46 PM

Yummy! So many links to keep me busy this weekend. Thank you all so very much. I look forward to what other ideas pop up here.

Julie aka Alyson & Bradyn's Mom

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Ideas for Alyson's Make-A-Wish Playroom
12/19/08 09:58 PM

Our local Starbucks' grounds fly out of the store like lightening. After asking for grounds for three years (!), I've only gotten them once.

Apartment Therapy New York | Grounds For Your Garden from Starbucks
12/16/07 04:39 AM

Happy Holidays!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Organic Cotton Fireside Throw from Gaiam
12/13/07 04:33 AM

Happy Holidays! Thanks for the gift point out and the gift for your readers. We love a.t.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: $30 Gift Certificate to ecohaus
12/13/07 04:32 AM

Swiffer brand alternatives: Microfiber washable clothes OR the Swiffer-like cloths made by Method. They're biodegradable/compostable. We just throw them in the compost bin with the veggies.

Apartment Therapy - Top 10: Foolproof Tricks to Clean Up Quick for Company
11/1/07 10:43 AM

I've got one in my daughter's room. Just unscrew the electrical parts from the plastic structure and stick it in the shower. Voila! Dusted!

Apartment Therapy - Flickr Finds: Ikea's Knappa Lamp
11/1/07 10:38 AM

I am loving the colors here - but:

#1 I'd hate to dust it.
#2 I'd constantly loose things in there!

Glad you shared it with us.

Apartment Therapy - Slinks: 64 Colours Shelf by Stephen Hausern. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
10/22/07 05:41 AM

SpaceMonkeyX, check out http://www.fabricmatcher.com.au/ it's linked to Hancock's of Paducah as Szig mentioned.

You can match fabrics to just about anything through them.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Online Fabric Source for Solid Gray?
10/10/07 01:20 PM

We've got an awesome laundry room. (Comments welcome!)

As with Monika1, the main problem is getting it all put away. I do much better during the summer, as I am able to use the clothesline and put shirts directly on hangers to dry. The winter is a whole other story of large and looming piles!

I like the idea of an indoor line and the spin dryer! Thanks val299 & Karey!

Survey: How Often Do You Do Laundry?
8/3/07 09:31 AM

Please, please do more of these! I love seeing how others interpret the objects that inspire them into real rooms. Fantastic!

Color Concept: Suzanne Caporael
7/26/07 02:24 PM

Fruit flies were a major problem for us. We kept the worms in the basement & used the Rubbermaid DIY system. After two years of battling those nasty pests, my family voted to get rid of the worms. Out to the garden they went.

{I sort of miss them.}

Anyone have some sure fire fruit fly prevention methods?

Blogging: The San Francisco Chronicle's Green Pull-out
7/25/07 06:45 AM

We've had bamboo floors from MOSO since 2002. The three dogs haven't done a thing to it. The only damage is from dropping things & it denting a tad. Oh, and a small rock under the couch when my dh decided to move it by himself. ::rolls eyes::

Go for it!

Good Question: Green Flooring
7/25/07 06:42 AM

As expected - 0 out of 100. I read all the "green" ideas about using a bike/walking/reducing automobile use. LOL! We're about 2.5 miles of mountainous terrain to the nearest anything. With two kids in tow, no thanks. Disclaimer: We're about 300 ft from National Forest trails with private access and wouldn't move if you paid us. :-)

Cool site & idea!

Your Neighborhoods Walk Score
7/20/07 12:37 PM

~~Alternate opinion~~

Bamboo can be a great plant. As with all plants, when planted in the wrong place, bamboo can be a problem. It thrives in moist areas. If you've got the running type rain>15"/year = problems. (That's a non-scientific estimate of rain.)

We've planted it in Las Cruces, NM and at our home in Colorado. The most rain we have ever gotten is about 20"/year. Our soil is also poor with a capital 'P'. The bamboo is planted in an amended area and really has no reason to search elsewhere.

Wende in Phoenix - The clumping varieties are quite well behaved. My parents have planted a few different ones in Illinois with no issues after 8 years.

House Home Roundup: 07.05.07
7/13/07 04:58 PM

My parents have had a TOTO for years now. They had it imported after a visit to Japan. I *heart* their toilet seat and have been saving my pennies to get one.

That said, my slightly homophobic husband dislikes it merrily.

TOTO Washlet
7/10/07 04:58 PM

Yeesh. We're in your picture but not the poll?

I'm in Colorado, between Denver and Co Springs and a faithful reader of AT:LA. Love you guys

Survey: Are you in the Southwest?
6/24/07 01:13 PM

Props to Maxwell for using my login name/blog as a major trend. ;-)

I do really like these!


ScanWood Knife Magnets
4/11/07 03:24 PM