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I'm investigating this very subject myself for building in upstate New York. My wife and I are very excited at the possibility that we could afford to build our own home this way, with modifications for insulation, freezing ground and other New England winter challenges.
We also hope to do solar heating and electricity and perhaps hydroelectric power, if we find a piece of property on it with running water.
There are good answers and solutions for all the negative points ladymantle offered above. You can also build these (we're planning a cluster of domes for our home rather than one big dome, which is a difficult space to build this way - see my blog at for around $10/sq. ft. Compare that to $150-250/sq ft. for conventional stick houses...that burn, blow down, shake apart.
These domes, as developed by cal-earth, have passed the stringent earthquake building codes in the high desert of California. They'll take it better than most structures because of the way they're put together.
We don't expect it to be easy to get through the code process, but we're hoping to build in rural eastern upstate NY or western Mass.

Cal-Earth's Eco-Dome Architecture in New England? | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/16/10 11:30 PM