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This is Crazy I am a firefighter of 36 precinct of the greater Los Angele's Area folks we need these numbers for emergencies if you were doing are job you would know how important these numbers are plain house numbers are not reliable they are never located on the same spot of the house a lot of times there are trees and such blocking the way missing numbers in emergencies can mean death the numbers need to be posted one way or another seconds count and to have these numbers posted correctly helps us navigate to the location as fast as possible not posting them because of some scamers is plain ridicules there are plenty of individuals and independent company s that are completely legitimate that will come out to your house and do it for you for 10to20 maybe 30 bucks I get the feeling here that some people are getting plain stingy maybe the economy I dont know but I do know that all EMT s use and need these numbers to get to you or a friend family as fast as possible and not posting them because of some bad seeds out there is your own grave

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4/16/10 11:53 PM