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Personally I like my tiffin. I have two sizes, and the top compartment on the big one is enough for lunch by itself sometimes.

How Do You Pack Food For Traveling? Share Your Top Containers & Carriers! Reader Intelligence Request
6/6/13 07:37 PM

Broth would definitely get splashed on the phone during eating.

The Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl by Miso Soup Design Final Frame
1/27/13 11:25 AM

These layouts look almost exactly like typical small Japanese apartments. Take a look at floor plans on the apartment search section of GaijinPot and you'll see the similarities.

adAPT NYC: The Micro Unit Design Competition Winner
1/22/13 08:40 PM

As others have said: Tidiness! Take a good look at how the person currently takes care of their abode. If it's a horrid mess and you can't handle that, steer clear!

I once lived with a guy whose room was always a trash heap, who promised that when we lived together he would clean up his act. He never did any cleaning when we lived together and covered the apartment in clutter, even though he spent all day at home most of the time.

What Should You Know About Each Other Before You Move In Together?
1/22/13 08:36 PM

You really do not need a spam email. Why make an email you're never going to check ever again when you can just unsubscribe from the stupid newsletters? Heck, in Gmail you can even set it up to filter them automatically to your trash! It's really not that hard.

Why You Need at Least 4 Email Addresses
8/29/12 10:40 AM

Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but what couch is that? I love it!

Hang Curtains without Drilling into Rental Walls?
Good Questions

12/7/11 10:22 PM

I think the balcony railings were a creative, modern way to display reclaimed boards from the original, a sort of statement of victory about what that dilapidated building became. It may not be the boldest design pop, but this is on Re-Nest, not the main AT site--turning a scrap-heap from 1905 into a modern energy-efficient building that uses less than $100 worth of per month is pretty amazing.

Before & After: An Upcycled Duplex in Portland
Jetson Green

9/29/11 08:01 PM

I'm in the candles or plants camp.

What To Do with Fireplace Remnant?
Good Questions

8/15/11 06:27 PM

I have to laugh with tgnwh on this one. The old one picture isn't bad, and the paddle switches aren't everyone's style.

Of course this post isn't suggesting you get rid of a switch you like and put in one you don't. ;) It's a good suggestion if you hate your light switches. Perhaps not the best example of a horrible light switch pictured.

Insta-Upgrade: Switch the Light Switch
8/5/11 12:54 PM

I was excited by this post, then completely disappointed. AT needs a reality check if they think the average college student can afford nearly anything shown above.

Setting Up Home: Student Style from Our House Tours
8/1/11 02:37 PM

I have a bunch of shower curtain rings with clips and was planning on doing this in my new apartment! Thanks for the great pics.

Easy DIY: Turn Tablecloths Into Curtains
7/28/11 04:45 AM

A lot of parking meters in my college town have "post-warmers" these days.

Yarn Bombing: The Knit Graffiti Movement
7/15/11 07:36 PM

Another thrifter from birth here. I'm pretty sure 95% of the clothes I wore growing up were from thrift stores, and the others were at least 50% off full price. I think it's ruined normal shopping for me, because wherever I go I think, "They're charging THAT much? I could get the same for a dollar!" ...and I do. I can't find a reason to pay full price for most things! Lately I scored an entire set of matching white dishware that probably cost $60 originally for about $10 from Goodwill. It's sort of a curse though, because I end up debating purchases with myself for ages when I do buy at regular prices. Sometimes I feel like a miser.

Taking the neighborhood affluence into account is a GREAT tip--especially for garage sales as well!

Strategies & Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping
7/13/11 03:29 PM

Dogs, especially large dogs who play outside and have dirty feet, do not belong on the furniture in our house. They are usually banished to the non-carpeted areas of the house for the same reasons. Cats are allowed on everything but tables and countertops... though my sneaky cat likes to fall asleep square in the middle of a placemat when he thinks no one is home. He seems to think it's a blanket sized just for him.

Pets On Furniture
Desire To Inspire

7/1/11 05:08 AM

I put a storage bin next to my bed with a rug over it to use as a temporary side table. It's now my cat's favorite place to sleep. He loves my bed and will even try to lead me back to my bedroom so he can lay there and be petted, but I guess he thinks of that bin as an extension of my bed that doesn't have earthquakes when I roll over in my sleep!

The Best Piece Of Furniture According To Your Pets
6/21/11 09:29 PM

We also cover our couch with a quilt. However, this isn't entirely due to cat fur, but to cover up the horrible dust-filled quaill-patterned ancient monstrosity of a couch. We hate it so much we don't even care if the cat scratches it any more.

Cat Vs. Couch: Who Wins the Shedding Wars in Your House?
6/21/11 09:17 PM

I'm pretty tired of AP making posts about "cheap" products that turn out to be merely affordable.

The Cheapest Minimal Island/Buffet/Table Ever
6/3/11 11:41 PM

Sure, they look nice, but why spend $40 on a glorified bucket?

10 Compact Kitchen Compost Bins
6/2/11 08:35 AM

Cute space but not what I would call minimalist.

Melissa's Maxed-Out Minimalism
4/8/11 05:19 PM

My boyfriend proves that furniture can change habits... and it involves actually HAVING furniture. He obtains a dresser? Finally, somewhere to stuff these piles! Shelf? I can get him to stop storing video games in plastic bags! Bed?...

But anyway, just having the means to organize things can go a long way to saving your sanity.

Habit-Changing Furniture
4/6/11 10:20 AM