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I made mayonnaise once and it was really tasty but ultimately not worth the effort or the ingredients because I can't go through even a single batch (1 egg + 1 cup oil) even if kept well enough for two weeks. That's a lot of oil to keep throwing out. With a small store-bought jar that keeps a couple of months I at least have a chance of going through it all.

Also, I don't like making things I'm going to serve other people with homemade mayo. I'm ok with the tiny, tiny risk of salmonella, but I know not everyone is (pregnant, immunocompromised, whatever).

Make or Buy? Mayonnaise
7/15/11 03:40 PM

I love all the posters you have up in your den (esp. Melvins).

Ashley & Andy's Homemade Home
House Tour

11/16/10 02:53 PM

Would have liked to see more of the kitchen, and also the dining room and bedroom, but only because i loved what i saw here!

Small Cool 2010: Matt Jac's Live/Work Space for 2 International Division # 14 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/16/10 11:52 AM