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i think the stairs is very creative,i like it so much ,where can i find them?

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10/12/09 05:17 AM

i think this one is very suitable for my 2yrd brother ,in fact ,i also like it very much.huh,but im too old to play those things.

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10/12/09 05:15 AM

the color is very warm ,i like it very much ,but ...

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10/12/09 05:10 AM

I like the painting on the wall. Nice apartment!

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5/11/08 05:19 PM


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5/11/08 04:21 PM

I think I do not like these vases very much. They are simple. I more like those flowers. And Mother's day is coming, I want to buy a gift for mom... I think maybe I can give my mom some flowers, I find a beautiful Bouquet...
It is a Royal Lily Bouquet...
Does anyone think it is good for mother's day gift?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Flickr Finds: Simple Vases#comments
5/7/08 05:06 PM

Oh, this is so interesting. Hmmm. My gold standard reference does not give a direct answer whether that's correct or not...

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4/7/08 04:21 PM

Wow, this is my favorite flower. They are so beautiful. Even they are so pricey, I think putting them in the room will be a nice decision!

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4/7/08 04:16 PM

In my house, I have one cherry blossom branch, which I bought online last month. Each flower is illuminated simply by plugging the cord into any outlet. And it fits to my vase very beautiful. Here is the deal for it that I found: , I think you can try it. LoL!

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3/26/08 10:31 PM

I agree that. Portland is nearly a perfect place. I felt comfortable when I have been there.

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2/28/08 03:29 PM

Oh,my God! The bedroom swag is so beautiful. If I live in this bedroom, I will imagine myself as a princess. Nice!

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2/28/08 03:24 PM

I think there are tons of online mantle shops that you can choose. But why not build one by yourself? I think that is a better choice. You can work out your own dimensions, and you can also make your own style that is fit your family. No instruction? Take it easy, I think this book can give you a lot of help:

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2/22/08 01:55 AM

They really don't gather dust? That is fantastic! They are cute, I really think!

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1/29/08 04:10 PM

Wow, this kind of chair is great! I have never seen such beautiful chairs like it. I absolutely like them!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Black Forest Chair from Wisteria#comments#comments
1/29/08 04:04 PM

Yeah, I think so. Personally I think I like it!

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1/6/08 11:00 PM

I think it is realy great to do such a thing. But I will not make the pillows by myself, that is too difficult for me. I would rather buy some at the website like overstock or dealstudio. Yeah, I think that is more convenient.

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1/3/08 03:51 AM

LOL...looks smart! It is great idea to recycle the old newspapers. Not only meets our needs, but also protect the environment. Maybe we could also make use of old apparels to innovate some toys or something else. I love these News Colored Pencils. And it's not expensive. I will cheak them out.

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12/17/07 03:27 PM

If I were you, I think I would shift the painting on the left. But I would not hang it over the fireplace. I would choose another painting right for the room. Perhap those reproduction of original artwork by Monet Original artwork are your good choice. I found a painting with a good price here:
Maybe you can try this one.

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11/23/07 03:17 AM

Wow that sounds good.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Anyone Using CB2 Can Lights?#comments
11/23/07 03:15 AM

You are right, I totally agree with you-kuroneko !!!!!!!!

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11/23/07 02:23 AM