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All of these bathrooms are gorgeous! So much natural light...so jealous!

The New Bathroom: 5 Top Trends
1/24/14 12:31 PM

This place is lovely! Amazing use of space and lack of clutter, and not overly MCM, so it doesn't look like a show room or museum. Every area is so clearly defined. Love the artwork too! Where I live, even putting a nail in the wall to hang a picture will send the police coming, so I completely sympathize with having to deal with a no paint rule. You more than made up for it Evan! It's so nice to see a small space that doesn't look like a dorm room.

Evan's Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio House Tour
1/23/14 07:44 PM

I live in a very small apartment in Tokyo, and made the decision to rent a storage locker last year when I thought I would be going home for good. I moved all the things that I wanted to bring home with me into the (small!) storage unit, and kept the necessities. I would love to learn how to live with fewer things, and am slowly learning how,(thanks to AT!). However, as someone who works freelance and has to keep a plethora of items on hand in case of sudden client requests and last minute gigs, having a unit is a big help. My portfolio is digital for the most part, and although I don't need to have the work I've done with me at all times, it is part of my life and memories in Japan and I have no desire to throw them away. So services like this are great! Plus, where do I keep my tower fan in the dead of winter when I need space for a space heater? ;)

MakeSpace is Cloud Storage for Your Actual Stuff Design News
1/22/14 03:11 AM

I've yet to find the right sofa in Japan and it truly is frustrating...I'm big and tall and so so many of the sofas here are low and tiny. Wreaks havoc on my knees and legs. I've even tried a few Ikea sofas but the size just overwhelmed my living room. I'm still looking for the right fit even though I just got a new sofa in March...sigh

Is it a Good Deal? Tips for Buying a Sofa
7/25/12 12:58 PM

I hear you Sara! I had the same problem, and the best advice I can give you is don't treat it like a studio! Instead of using regular studio soundproofing, try to make your own using a favorite fabric. Add plants, and things that make you smile or get your creative juices flowing. Don't buy "obvious office furniture". I split my tiny living room into half, with my television acting as the divider. I also made sure to put the studio equipment against a wall so I can't see my office space from the living room couch. If you're using an alcove space, you can always get some fabric blinds or a nice divider to cover up the space when you're not working.

Music Studio That Doesn't Look Like Workplace? Good Questions
4/26/12 01:12 PM

I used to join open networks whenever and wherever I could find them if I was on the road and my cell phone network was slow - UNTIL I was online on my computer at home one night and found someone had gotten into my network. A couple of clicks on their user name and I found pictures of their pets and last year's birthday cake!

After that day, I don't join any networks I don't know and my own WiFi is always passworded! I don't want to give up my private information and I'm not interested in having anyone else's.

Neighborly Behavior: Do You Share or Borrow Wi-Fi?
4/26/12 12:57 PM

I travel a lot for work and have tried various suitcase but like you said Great Lady - nothing compares to the Rimowa. Lightweight, easy to move around, (love the four wheeled type especially), beautifully designed. Pricey, but if you do a lot of train-then-plane-then-bus then back on to train again type travel, it's worth the money!

Well Designed Travel: Top 5 Carry-On Suitcases
1/29/12 07:16 AM

Have an iPad that I use for work. I love it, but it's too heavy for an ebook. Seriously considering getting a smaller 7" Playbook or other device. Wouldn't mind upgrading to the iPad2 but at that price point...not to mention the fact that the only big change between the 1 and the 2 are the camera lenses...no thanks.

What Does Every $100 Get You In The Tablet World?
1/25/12 08:45 PM

Love!! The decor, the apartment, everything! Right up my alley.

Shelby's Sophisticated Studio Loft
House Tour

8/9/11 01:37 PM

Here in Japan there's a big push on switching to LED bulbs, especially since we're in the midst of an energy crisis. I've been trying to get used to the weird orange glow that these things give off and it's pretty tough. I must admit the manufacturers are trying to get as close as they can to the warm glow that incandescents create...and they're getting closer. But not close enough!

The New Look Of The Light Bulb: Are You Ready?
7/18/11 07:53 PM

I just moved to a lovely apartment with two large balconies, and am dying to buy some outdoor furniture and a grill to barbecue on! Unfortunately my building is surrounded by other houses, including one occupied by a very grumpy lady who can't stand anything to do with my building! No cars or bicycles can stop, no conversations can be held anywhere in the vicinity of her house, or she comes running out. I live on the top floor, but I'm guessing if she saw even a sliver of smoke creeping up from my balcony she'd call the police....sigh.

Summer Style: Outdoor Lounge Spaces
7/7/11 04:52 AM

Love both MUJI & IDEE but the latter is a bit overpriced in my opinion. Fell in love with the purple PUUF chair a few weeks ago and almost bought it till I came to my senses. Over $300 for a floor cushion??

Global Inspiration: Japanese Rooms from Muji X Idee
6/29/11 06:08 PM

In the seventies/early eighties, the telephone chair and stereo cabinet(complete with eight track player!!!) were still popular. My parents had both and kept them for years! The telephone table definitely needs to make a comeback though. I think there's a photo album in my folks' basement somewhere of all the kids in my family posing for pics while pretending to talk on the phone.

Once Ubiquitous Furnishings We've (Mostly) Left Behind
6/29/11 01:41 PM

Now I know what to do with the two fuzzy black rugs I bought on impulse the other day! I love AT.

Textural Wall Hangings
6/26/11 02:11 PM

Argh! Such a lovely bathroom! I must have that bathroom shower curtain!!! "shakes fist to the heavens"

Shannon & Aaron's East Coast Yuppie Bungalow
House Tour

2/15/11 03:35 PM

I agree Snowdin! Or at the very least, move the Toronto posts to a city that's geographically closer - New York is good 100km closer to Toronto than Chicago is.

Patti's Boardwalk Sanctuary on Lake Ontario
House Call

2/15/11 01:37 AM

I love the bright blue digits on my alarm clock, but when I'm trying to sleep or relax, I put it in my closet! The closet is right next to my bed, so I can still hear it when it goes off. Not only does it make my room more peaceful, it makes it a lot tougher for me to hit the snooze button. It's a great idea for lazy people like me who can't get out of bed at the alarm's first ring.

How To: Keep Technology Quiet at Night | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/23/10 01:11 PM

The first sight that hits you eyes when you awake in the morning is your refrigerator...sigh...

You Know When You Live In a Small Space When… | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/15/10 10:51 PM

My parents used to have a stereo cabinet and it was a little similar to this. It had a hinged top to cover the turntable and record storage area. It also had built in speakers and an 8-track player!

What Was This Furniture Piece Used For? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/7/10 10:37 PM

Love the balloon?rubber ball? light fixture! I'd love to DIY that! How did you do it?

Ila Nate's Corridor of Color House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/25/09 01:17 AM