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As a liberal Democrat who works actively for progressive causes, I, too, can say that I care less (ok,that's a lie- I care a little bit) about the Anthropologie-GOP connection, as boycotts in the U.S. are hopelessly ineffective (work for policy changes, people) and usually just a way for people to feel superior to others while doing very little actual work for the causes they claim to celebrate. Not that that is the case for those of you who commented (I don't know you) but that has certainly been my experience.
Anthropologie requires that you be a careful shopper. Quality varies, it's true. That said, the store offers quite a lot for those of us on LIMITED BUDGETS (yes, s'true) who have had the same cheap, thrift store clothes for years and need just one or two pieces to brighten and add interest to our wardrobes. Every year I buy myself one carefully chosen item from Anthropologie and I have never been disappointed. This year it was a beautiful, long "Victorian" sweater with a somewhat Russian feel that has brought me through countless hours of teaching, as it can be simply wrapped around whatever is underneath. The knit-lace details are stunning, and I get compliments every day that I wear it. If you know that the knick-knacks/wooden doo-dads are dumb and over-the-top, stay away from them (I do) and search for the pieces that fit you beautifully, seem somewhat unique, and work with your wardrobe. Anthropologie has some great options. (And great sales)

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