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Some very good points about adapting your lifestyle. Eating out in London is expensive, so you tend to do it less than in NY. People entertain at home much more. Going to the movies in central London is really pricey, but you can go to one of the best theatres in the world (the National) instead and get very cheap tickets.

What Does It Really Cost to Live in London? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
9/5/13 10:18 AM

A few thoughts-

The dollar is actually relatively strong against GBP, although GBP has climbed back a little.

The rental prices you quote are realistic, but note the square footage. London apartments are small, even compared to NY. 700 sq ft for a 2BR is quite common - and often with no built in closets (so you need to get freestanding wardrobes).

Also factor in council tax. Property taxes in the UK are applied to the person who lives in the property, not who owns it (ie, renters have to pay it, not the landlord). Will cost about GBP 2000 a year.

On gas prices, also include the congestion charge if you want to drive into central London - GBP 10 per day.

Your restaurant prices are wildly unrealistic, unless it's just for pizza/pub food or similar. A good meal in a restaurant (but by no means an extravagant meal) might run £40-50 each. A fancy restaurant can easily run over £100 a head.

What Does It Really Cost to Live in London? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
9/4/13 05:48 PM

I'm with Max on this one - a Boston shaker is the practical way to go for making drinks.

Out of these 10, the only one I really like is the Bauhaus shaker. I would take a vintage silver plated one in a classic style over any of these.

Top Ten: Cocktail Shakers
8/8/07 01:55 PM

Very unimpressed by the surrealism exhibition, I'm afraid. I thought it was all a bit of a jumble. Not nearly as strong as the art deco and modernism shows that preceded it.

AT Europe: London - Surreal Things
7/11/07 02:18 PM

Another vote for the Denon stereo with Mission speakers. I've had one for about 5 years and its still the best sound I've heard relative to its size.

Good Questions: Small, Well-Designed Stereo?
4/11/07 10:48 AM

I've never seen them in a NY apartment but I have them in London (agree with zooza that they're pretty standard in the UK). They don't give you especially fine control over the temperature but they do at least give you some control. I think they are worth trying.

Good Questions: Thermostatic Radiator Valves?
4/5/07 11:58 PM