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They can.

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4/15/13 05:47 PM

@satchmoshello: The birds on a branch coat rack used to be sold online at, but has since been sold out. I have no idea who makes it or I would be hunting to find one myself. I put off buying the one on modcloth for too long, so now I'm SOL.

Etiquette at Home: Solutions to The Great Shoe Debate
10/20/11 06:06 PM

Price range not so much mid.

@ElectricKatie: You should start yourself an etsy page. At $100 per cat bed and $200 per dog sweater you could make some mad cash.

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10/11/11 01:05 PM

If your landlord has more than a handful of units, he/she may even have an extra one if they've used the same type in multiple units. They might even just give it to you/have it installed by their handyman. My last two landlords have been like that.

If you think your landlord might go crazy about a broken light, something contrasting and complimentary in the middle would completely work in a galley kitchen like that. Although I have to admit to a curiosity about how he managed to break a lamp shade while it was on. Was he playing with a light saber and swinging it around the kitchen? Is he giant-sized and just ran into it with his head?

@mschatelaine: Dear gods, why would you have a Wolf range in a rental? And even if you couldn't help it, why wouldn't you specifically vet for people who would appreciate the beauty and value of the range? That would be a HUGE selling point for anyone who appreciated such things.

Cheap Shade Idea to Replace the One Boyfriend Broke?
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10/11/11 12:59 PM

That diffuser is a great idea!

I have the bottle cap tripod and highly recommend it, especially for the price. However the description is slightly off. It's a malleable rubber piece that fits onto the bottle or bottle cap; the tripod itself doesn't screw on tot he bottle. The rubber gives you more room to be inventive that a simple screw on: You can adjust angle, and use lots of different sizes of bottles. We used wine and champagne bottles to set up cameras during the last family holiday celebrations. But be warned, it only works for point and shoots. The rubber cap doesn't have the strength to hang onto the weight of a dslr. And it's best to either use glass bottles or make sure that the water bottle has liquid in it for that same top heavy reason.

5 Must-Have Point-and-Shoot Camera Accessories
9/29/11 04:49 PM

If you have a stove/oven combo and are also lucky enough to have a hood/fan above the stove, turning that on can help draw some of the heated air out of the house as well.

And I'm joining in the group love for the picture.

10 Oven Tips that Cut Costs and Keep You Cool
8/24/10 02:11 PM

Marid is right. You want to lube the bulb threads. It's easier and you don't have to worry about whether the switch is on or not.

Also make sure not to put any of the substance (whether you're using your $12 burt's lip balm or the cheaper and just as effective vaseline) on the bottom of the light bulb where the contact is located. Only on the threads. Otherwise it can interfere with the electricity conducting evenly or completely.

Make Sticking Sockets Slippery With Lip Balm | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/14/10 11:30 AM

I think part of what's throwing off the option 1 v option 2 is that the vases clutter the space. It's difficult to tell what color the wall is in the photos, as it's lamplight, but I'd say go with a soft grey on the walls and photo 2. Definitely don't put the vases there as it doesn't allow for a smooth flow and instead clutters it up visually.The one whitish one could look cool in the empty spot on the 3rd shelf though.

If you do go with pic 1, it needs to be moved up so it isn't right on top of the bookcase. I find 6-12" up from whatever object is beneath it allows for it to still work with the object (in this case the bookshelf), but not feel like it's encroaching on the space.

The Spring Cure: Throwing A Party! Week 8 - Show Tell | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/5/10 06:41 PM