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Except she works at Marie Claire, so they probably have a little bit looser policies than most workplaces.

5 Ways to Save Your Office Cubicle
(and Sanity) at Work

4/21/14 03:23 PM

As a vintage lover, I am in awe of your ability to see past the bad and rediscover the good! Thank you for sharing this amazing project.
I may or maynot have been moved to tears..... *shifty eyes*.

Before & After: Creepy Metal Eyesore Gets a Second Glance
2/13/14 12:05 PM

Not crazy - I love the sink too!

Budget Before & After: 1980s Kitchen Ditches Its Dated Past
12/10/13 10:39 AM

My roommate spilled some dry laundry detergent about 6 months ago and vacuumed up what she couldn't scoop. Since then I've changed the bag, and the vaccuum still smells like Tide! I don't notice the smell lingering after I've vacuumed a room, but I do appreciate the fresh scent.

Stinky Vacuum? Use a Dryer Sheet!
8/25/10 09:29 PM