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Thank you for this! I think this is a sentiment I really need to take to heart these days to stop the constant need to improve or perfect.

Also, I think not beating yourself up about unfinished work can make that work seem creative, fun, and enjoyable again and not just items on a to do list.

Do it Yourself or Just Make Do?
2/15/11 11:52 AM

Hi Becca. I myself am allergic to gluten and dairy and have lots of friends who are vegan so I have few things I usually stick with:
- Pre-made hummus and lots of veggies. Buy pitas for those who want bread. If your friend wants a gluten free option Food Should Food Should Taste Good and Mary's Gone Crackers are great brands and found at Whole Foods.
- Nice olives.
- Deviled Eggs. Fast and easy. Add curry or wasabi powder for something different
- 7 layer dip. I make two versions: one with cheese and sour cream, one with soy cheese and tofu sour cream. If your friend wants to avoid chips, cut up some bell peppers for her. Though I'd ask if she's avoiding beans as well.
- Mango salsa with plaintain chips, though it would be lovely on pre cooked shrimp
- Never tried this, but instead of lasagna, try a moussaka (uses potatoes instead of pasta)

Easy Weeknight Party
8/30/10 06:49 PM

Instead of buying new clothing, jewelry, books, CDs, etc - host a swap. Have everyone bring all their unwanted possessions, pick out what you like, and then either donate or sell all of the unwanted pieces.

Also Bookmooch is wonderful - it's a website where you list books you no longer want, ship them out, earn points and then use those points to "buy" other used books you want. You pay for shipping out your books, but with media mail, many ship for about $2.

11 Ways To Save Money At Home, Painlessly | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/21/10 04:24 PM

What an awesomely inspiring story of a community coming together. You did a wonderful job.

Sandra's Kitchen from FriendsHouse Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/13/10 11:47 AM

Dog's rock garden:
Is there any drainage or a way to create drainage? If so you could create a 5'x5'ish rock garden area over the drain system choosing smooth rocks that will still allow water to drain through and won't bother your dogs feet. Use bricks (to tie in the wall) to create a perimeter. Use upright logs, old pedestals, or stacks of bricks and place large urns/tubs of plants on them intermittenly throughout the rock garden so they are out of the dog's reach. Then train your dog to use the rock garden as a bathroom - pick up the poop and hose down the rocks every couple days to keep it clean.

Design Ideas for a Dog Friendly Backyard? Good Question | Apartment Therapy New York
4/14/10 12:10 PM