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Umbrella stand- hook the handle over the edge of the top.

The Daily Scavenger: Southern Edition

11/22/11 08:29 AM

Arrange sofas parallel to the short walls; mirrors on the long walls.

Colors, Furnishings, Layout for Long Skinny Living Room?
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11/11/11 10:43 AM

Or you could get a bunch of fake cacti and coyote sculptures and just decorate around it...

Rental Fireplace Coverup Ideas?
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11/8/11 08:47 AM

Stretch a couple yards of fabric over a panel or wood frame and fasten it over the whole surround with small squares of Velcro; remove the panel when you want a fire. You'll probably want a light color to held make it blend visually with the walls.

Hang a curtain rod from the underside of the mantel & sew a couple custom (fireproofed) curtains that you can easily move when you want to use the fireplace.

Rental Fireplace Coverup Ideas?
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11/8/11 08:41 AM

Painted white, with a chocolate brown wash over to bring out detail. Or you could go totally postmodern and paint it orange.

Ideas for Sprucing up Shabby Chic Nightstand?
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11/2/11 09:06 AM

Alternatives? Isn't the whole point of owning a $50k sofa to impress all your friends with how much your sofa cost?

Alternatives to this $50,000 Sofa?
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11/1/11 09:06 PM

Speaking as a potter, I'd go with handmade dinnerware, if at all possible. Or at least handmade serving pieces.

Where Do You Stand on Disposable Flatware & Plates?
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11/1/11 03:24 PM


Get a couple of heavy-duty padded hooks and mount them to the wall studs, then hang the bike rack on the hooks, and hang the bike on the rack.

Spring Cure Discussion Spotlight: Indoor Bicycle Storage | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/14/10 08:27 AM