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This is FANTASTIC. Why on earth would you fault her for having a great base to start with? She's clearly exhibited great decorating taste so what's there to dislike? Sounds like some people are just envious of her good fortune to have such an awesome structure.

Julia's A-Frame
4/19/11 12:45 PM

i really like this. parts of it remind me of my grandma's home, and i mean that as a total compliment. it has the nostalgic, warm feel of another era.

Erin's South-Facing in Seattle
4/12/11 08:41 PM

fan-freakin-tastic! this will be in my top 3 for sure. creative and efficient use of space and beautiful aesthetic. so warm and cozy - gives me a conversational vibe. i'd want to hang out there.

Ariel's Wrap Around Jewel Box
4/5/11 11:43 PM

this is wonderful. eclectic and visually interesting without being overwhelming. hanging out at your place would be incredibly comfortable!

Evan's NY in LA Loft
4/4/11 11:49 PM

the bird pictures are from the smithsonian! my cousin was a scientist in their ornithology department and i got to visit and look through those very drawers! it was amazing.

The Art of Arrangement
Things Organized Neatly

8/25/10 10:08 PM

i actually shed a little tear looking through this house tour. i am madly in love. this is the very best i've seen on AT. your restrained hand is a good reminder to me to avoid filling my new, rather large apartment with unnecessary stuff.

congratulations on such a beautiful home. it's truly amazing.

Eli & Jessica's Comforting Cambridge Condo
House Tour

8/25/10 01:00 AM

gimme a break. what is this, Cosmo? "Dress cute"?

Sleeping Together for the First Time
8/18/10 03:14 PM

Hiding the TV isn't about shame. It's about keeping my living room social. I want my guests to come over and be compelled to socialize and talk, and having a big blank TV in the room can impede that. I also want watching TV to be a purposeful decision, not a reflex. Out of sight, out of mind.

TV Shame: New Ways to Hide the Television

8/2/10 04:24 PM

all i need is a clean bed and a shower. it has always seemed pointless to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a place where you really should only be spending time to sleep. when i'm on vacation, i am ONLY in my hotel room to sleep.

as a result, i've always loved those shoebox/train car style hotel rooms that are about as wide as the bed. that's all i need!

Do Swanky Hotels Really Matter To You? | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/23/10 10:09 AM

I have been on the exact same hunt for the last 6 months. Etsy was a bust for me too because there's no way to search for art of a certain size, and the site itself has become too huge to effectively navigate when you're looking for specifics. But, I digress...

For big art pieces, I've decided to create my own.
- I love all the Hubble Telescope photographs. They're beautiful, abstract, colorful images which are also public domain! All you have to do is find a high-quality place to print them (I personally haven't pulled the trigger on this yet though).
- The "DIY Color Field Inspired Painting" post that AT did last week totally won me over. I'm doing it this weekend.

Good Sources for Oversized Affordable Artwork? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
7/14/10 06:14 PM

this is AWESOME. this is exactly the sort of piece i've been wanting to put above my bed. can't wait to do it!

A DIY Color Field Inspired Painting The New Domestic | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/9/10 11:50 AM

wow. this is really a museum. it's gorgeous.

not sure that i'd personally want to live in a museum, but i could certainly spend the weekend there and enjoy it!

Leif's Mid-Century Heritage Collection House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/25/10 06:17 PM

Wow. This is amazing.

I am often under-whelmed by straight mid-century homes. It often seems boring to ape an era so completely and I usually think it takes more skill to cultivate pieces from many different eras and blend them. However, this is a huge exception. The home itself is absolutely stunning and as for decorating, you can tell that each piece was chosen with care and serves a purpose. It's impeccable.

Nathan Hannah's Mid-Century Modern MissionHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/21/10 12:53 PM

ohhhhh this is helpful.

i am doing my first "real" move at the end of the month (meaning i have more than 3 boxes and my mattress) and its daunting but i've been planning pretty well - i think. this list just helped me finalize a few things.

Moving 101: Top 10 Lessons Learned Tips that Worked | Apartment Therapy DC
6/16/10 03:52 PM

i love this. as a fellow chicagoan who is moving into a nearly pristine rehab with completely white walls, this is definitely going in my inspiration file. it's been daunting to me to figure out how i want to decorate a place that is already so nice but also very "beige"...

one tiny suggestion i gotta make (not like you're looking for them though)...brighter pillows on the couch. The couch, the rug, the coffee table and the bookcase behind the couch are all very dark so a punch of color on the couch would look wonderful. i'm very jealous of all your couch and coffee table though. love them.

Steven and Meredith's Modern Mix House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/11/10 04:47 PM

this is pretty standard. every single stairway i saw growing up did this exact same thing. family photos and stairways go together like pb&j, so this isn't exactly unique and the area is certainly not underused.

it's a fine enough execution, though i would really recommend spacing the pictures more evenly (at points they look cluttered) and also moving the whole thing up a few inches. as a guest in the home, i would be worried that i'd bump some pictures off the wall just by using the railing.

Sarah's Stairway GalleryFlickr Find | Apartment Therapy DC
6/8/10 10:22 PM

These are BEAUTIFUL chairs! I'd buy them in a second if they were on craigslist - and then of course reupholster them.
I say definitely do not paint. If you do anything to the wood, maybe stain it a little darker? But, I love the wood. As for the fabric, I would go with a solid color (maybe in a nubby/woolish texture?) and keep it classic so you can use them for years. I also agree with the above comments to make the back pillow shorter but it shouldn't be that difficult. If you're having a professional re-upholster it, they'll have plenty of ideas on how to execute.
Good luck! I'd love to see an update when they're done!

Can These Chairs Be Saved? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/2/10 06:34 PM

it's interesting to me that this is even noted. i thought this was pretty standard. on this site you see more dressers/credenzas than media stands in the living area.

Dressers In The Living Room Inspiration Roundup | Apartment Therapy DC
5/25/10 01:00 PM

this place is great inspiration for studio dwellers. every piece has a purpose and place, the arrangement is perfect, the artwork makes it personal, and you can comfortably have guests without it feeling cramped. i would LOVE to hang out in this apartment, and i'm particularly envious of your collage of frames above the sofa and the placement of your shelving units. I have such anxiety about executing those things...

Matt's Spirited Studio House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/24/10 10:16 PM

Oh my! The suggestions by ajh (above) are the BEST! That being said, I've been in a similar predicament and have been considering buying a vintage clock from etsy (vintage-->electronics-->clock or vintage-->electronics-->radio). However, the 2 that ajh pointed out are even better I think, and I'm going to get one of the 2.

Suggestions for a Good Looking Alarm Clock? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/19/10 11:31 AM