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and THIS is why i'm buying an altbau (prewar) apartment in berlin (my hometown)! you just can't find that beautiful architecture (in Jugendstil/Stuck style) here so often and so well preserved.
regarding her decor, i'd love to see the place again in a year or so - after she's settled into it more. that, by no means, takes away from it's stunning-ness right now!
bravo! brava! ;-)

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10/24/12 03:09 PM

if i see one more sheep skin/fur thrown over a chair (usually a Bertoia chair....)......

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1/20/12 06:13 AM

Brooklyn Daniel's going all the way because his space is more than just nice decor - he actually built a utilitarian and aesthetically cool solution for his previously even teenier space.

Who Do You Think Will Win Small Cool This Year? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/26/10 11:16 PM

Aahh, now this is exactly why I became addicted to this website. Wish you'd've included another of my faves, Ron M.'s Hotel "Sweet" from Small Cool '07:

p.s. I'm a long-time reader, first time poster. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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4/13/10 01:10 PM