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Are you crafty at all? You might be able to DIY two one or poufs in a bold pattern that helps bring your colors and textures together. They could serve as quasi-ottomans, and two year olds love jumping on big pillows. I totally get the teeny tiny budget thing, too- I just bought a few yards of some awesome upholstery fabric for $4. I have an old fiber filled mattress topper that got too lumpy for the bed, but would make great ottoman stuffing. Good luck!

Will This Rug Work in My Living Room? Good Questions
6/15/12 11:45 PM

@IAB- so true! We ended up bending the hooks with a pair of pliers to make them somewhat more permanently attached to the bar.

Small Space Solutions: IKEA Grundtal Entryway Better Homes and Gardens
4/26/12 11:11 PM

That's so funny! The first thing I thought when I saw this what that a pew would be perfect for behind a sofa. Seating for the people you don't like, book storage, landing strip, etc.

Small Space Seating: Holy Church Pews!
4/20/12 01:18 PM

I slept in a loft bed much like that for years (my bedroom was a converted Tuff Shed), and it's really quite cozy! I never bonked my head waking up, and it made the most wonderful little place to read before I fell asleep. Beautiful home!

Rebecca's Magical Platforms Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 01:59 PM

Oh man, these places all sound fantastic! We do almost all of our produce from Bountiful Baskets (it's an online grocery buying co-op). We get a ton of organic produce for $26.50 a week- keeps our almost vegetarian family of four swimming in fruits and vegetables. They also do rotating offerings of bread and other good stuff. We buy a lot of dry goods at Trader Joes- they definitely have a lot of high end junk food, but we have some standbys (organic Cheerios, Ak-Mak crackers, fancy cheese, yogurt, frozen veggies and fruit, peanut butter, jelly, nuts, dried fruit, whole grain pasta, pasta sauce). We're in Phoenix, and we've learned to avoid the Scottsdale TJ's if we want a nicer crowd. Lovely staff- they remember our kids' names, give them about 2 feet of stickers to keep them happy in the cart, and chat us up at the sample counter. We get peanut butter, TP, greek yogurt, blocks'o'cheese, chicken broth, and a few other items at Costco. We'll pick up milk at Fresh and Easy if we're out during the week. You guys are totally right about the class issues with grocery stores, though. Time to get involved in some food and nutrition advocacy, eh? (And I'm no entitled trustafarian- we stretch and smush our budget to be able to afford good quality food.)

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/5/12 02:42 AM

@jasmineisdomestic- it's because we public school teachers can't afford to send our kids to Montessori! ;)

Off-topic, I know, but I WISH WISH WISH WISH as a public school teacher that we incorporated more student-centered methodology. As standardized test season looms, it's harder and harder not to focus completely on how to pass some multiple choice exam. Yuck.

Montessori At Home Roundup
3/31/12 06:09 PM

Oh, this is fabulous. It looks like a lived-in home! You really took what you like and made it work. Best man cave ever!

Bill's Story-Filled San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/28/12 01:23 AM

I slept in a loft bed with a reaaaaaally low ceiling (converted Tuff Shed) for several years as a tall-ish individual. Never once hit my head. :)

Loft Bed in a Converted Barn Roomarks
3/28/12 01:17 AM

Thanks for posting these ideas! I'm feeling a bit ignorant, but I'm assuming that a split entryway is when you enter on a different floor than the living area? If so, heeeeeeelp! We have a 3 story townhouse- on the bottom floor is a garage that opens onto a long, narrow hallway. The hallway's about 20 feet long- the stairs up to the second level form one of the walls, and the door to the little-used guest bedroom is on the other wall. To get upstairs, it's a little jaunt off the hallway. It leaves us with about a 3.5-4 foot by 4 foot square space at the bottom of the stairs. The hallway is pretty narrow, so I don't know that storage in the hallway would be practical. Right now, we have a shoe rack at the bottom of the stairs that's about 10-12 inches deep. Does any of you have any suggestions for something that has a really thin profile but would provide us with some functional, stylish storage? We're a family of four with two little ones- we try to keep their gear as minimal as possible, but it's still quite a bit of stuff to find a home for.

Tips for Dealing with a No-Entryway Entryway Renters Solutions
3/15/12 04:04 PM

I love that Sriracha has a place on this little boat- gotta keep it to the essentials! :) And guys, I'm sure their kitchen isn't dirty. It's just not gleaming Corian and stainless steel. I'm sure that if someone came and took pictures of everything that touched our food prep surfaces, I'd get nastygrams too. Feet, dirty clothes, and naked baby in the sink? Yep. I love seeing spaces where people get creative without a ton of money. Keep 'em coming, theKitchn!

Katy and Cassidy's Kitchen on a Sailboat Kitchen Tour
3/14/12 07:27 PM

We got our Karlstad sectional button tufted and replaced the legs with custom tapered, walnut legs. It looks fabulous! Here's to tightwad solutions! :)

Singing Praise: The 4 Pieces I Love at Home
3/13/12 06:52 PM

Wow! This is truly one of those places where each and every part makes the whole into something on a completely different level. Y'all are so much braver than I am in your decor choices, but I love it. Looks like a lovely place to live!

Aubin & Florice's Curiosity Fueled Home House Tour
2/23/12 11:36 PM

Haha- we had a guy leave the bones of a rotisserie chicken sitting on the table in our teacher's lounge at work. Overnight. During the AZ summer. I ended up writing a note on the door reminding him that we are not, in fact, Vikings, and that the trash can was a mere 12 steps away. Same dude took a deli pack of Carl Buddig "turkey" lunch meat into the teacher bathroom, ate while dropping a deuce, and then accidentally left it on top of the toilet tank. Talk about a WTF discovery for the next person. We also now have a list of bathroom etiquette rules posted over the staff toilet, since apparently, teachers can't remember to wipe up their pee dribbles or flush twice to be thorough.

Group Living Isn't Easy: A Gallery of Snarky Notes and Post-Its
2/15/12 02:20 PM

@lepidoptery- You're right, the urethane is on the top of the planks- it's what we see. But they're not coated all the way down the sides. Living in AZ, a really dry climate, the planks do shrink a bit at times. If you get it too wet, the water can get down between the planks and get the raw bamboo too wet, therefore warping it. o_O

Homekeeping 101: Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor
1/20/12 10:30 AM

We have natural bamboo floors with a urethane finish, and the best thing we've found is the Shark mop. We only use it once or twice a month and we're really careful to watch how wet the floor gets; if it's not evaporated within a few seconds of swiping, I'll attack it with a dry microfiber. We also get some inevitable streaking whatever we do to the bamboo, but I've been able to camouflage it by mopping in the direction of the grain.

Homekeeping 101: Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor
1/19/12 06:18 PM

If you're trying to sell, I'd say get rid of the palm trees, declutter, and maybe a fresh coat of white paint on the cabinets. Good bones, though! I kind of like the mirrors. :)

Updates For This Bathroom in House For Sale?
Good Questions

1/10/12 05:33 PM

She's so beautiful! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Amelie
12/22/11 10:47 PM

We scored a Plan Toys dollhouse, furnished, for $35 on Craigslist, so, yep. We're all over it! For my side of the family, we set $20 limits for gifts. We got my mom 4 sets of Fiestaware cups and dishes for $20 exactly. Hooray! (And not the radioactive ones, btw!)

Gifts From Craigslist: Score Or Scandalous?
12/12/11 01:45 PM

Umm...seriously the most creative room I've seen in a long time. I, for one, love the man-cave-y elements. But then, I'm in AZ too, so I have a soft spot for nailhead chairs!

Hank's Golden Corral
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #22

11/30/11 10:01 PM

This is so funny! As a middle school teacher, I've seen myself relax a lot on which supplies I ask the kids to bring from home. I've learned to let go of a little control, but the biggest reason has been the economy. Now, I require the kids to bring something to write with and ask nicely for classroom donations of anything else. Most of them have paper, but there's a basket of it if they don't. Markers, scissors, and colored pencils are all communal. I get a little supply budget each year and have learned to really work the sales. Personally, I can't stand when kids bring Sharpies. They smell super-toxic, and they're pretty tempting to destructively minded kids. 80% of the kids wouldn't dream of drawing on school stuff, but the ones who would often grab stuff from their neighbors' desks. If you have the ability, it's always nice to ask the teacher, counselor, or school nurse if anyone could use help buying supplies. For some families, buying that pack of markers and binder can be pretty tough.

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8/9/11 01:05 AM