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What do you mean "ethnic"? Why such a colonialist attitude in this lovely web site? I mean isn't American food also ethnic too? Do you assume that all readers of AT are white and worth "othering" non whites?

Favorite Ethnic Comfort Foods: What Are Yours?
12/7/10 12:00 PM

I second the Fauchon blend. I think it might be the best blended tea combination ever; but it is frakking expensive. Kusmi has a lovely violet black tea (not cheap either). It is fragrant, but doesn't make you feel like you are drinking a bottle of perfume.

Time for Tea! Any Blends to Recommend? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/27/10 03:17 PM

It is ridiculously fugly, something straight out of a John Waters movie.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: Ikea Room Divider = Anthropologie Chandelier! Washington DC
6/10/08 03:56 PM

Yes please, anyone with pictures of a painted/stained Mandal? Pretty please?

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: What Color Should I Paint My Bed?
6/4/08 08:01 PM

where is the desk from?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Tech Tour: The SkyHouse
4/28/08 02:44 PM

Where is your couch from? Love the restrained puffiness of it. Not as sleek as some of the versions that are floating around these days, which might mean that it might be comfier.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest Semi-Finalist #3: Brian Luke's Post-War Paradise
4/4/08 11:25 AM

I would also go with half-length bottom shades, something like a rolling shade. If the top arch is high, then it will give you enough privacy but also keep the light in and show off the arch. But if the tops are not to high, using frosting treatments could be another option.

Outside mounted curtains will give better noise control, but then you will lose the arch; which I believe is too beautiful to sacrifice.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Coverings for these Large Windows?
4/4/08 11:20 AM

Oh god. This is making me seriously reconsidering moving on top of a small scale grocery/fruit shop. The unit is too good to be true, and perhaps we will have to pay for the beauty of it in the long run.

Once we had upstairs neighbors with a five year old who liked to run. She would wake up at 7 am and started running across the living room and back and forth... She would only stop for meals and poo time. The whole experience pretty much scarred me enough to decide not to have no kids. Thank god they moved after five months.

Apartment Therapy New York | Garbage and Noise in the Bedroom
2/23/08 12:53 PM

My pepper mill just broke. Pretty please!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Peugeot Red Lacquer Salt and Pepper Mill Set
12/3/07 01:29 PM

Need one now!

Apartment Therapy New York | Holiday Gift Bag: Ergorapido Cordless Vacuum in gold!
12/3/07 01:27 PM

"Santa Doesn't Cop Out On Dope", the Sonic Youth version

Red please, pretty please!

Apartment Therapy - AT Gift Bag 2007: Geneva Sound System
11/30/07 07:03 AM

I really really love the colors too, but this place is ridiculously uncluttered. It looks like no one has lived in there at all, no sign of human life except some impeccable decorating taste :)

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors East Finalist #2: Nathaniel Keith's Blue Period
11/12/07 08:36 AM