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I really, really hate these and it seems most other AT readers do too. I predict we'll be seeing these on super clearance.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not? CB2 Lip Plates
11/29/07 06:07 AM

I have a very similar set from Crate & Barrel - primary colors, nesting (though I think my set has 6 bowls). I love it - I never use anything else. They also make really cute serving bowls for parties and dinners.

Apartment Therapy - Best Products: Pyrex Nesting Bowls
11/21/07 10:12 AM

Suzanne, have you tried American Science and Surplus? They have lab glassware listed quite cheaply on their website, I'm sure they have it in store as well.

Apartment Therapy - Multiple Uses for Beakers
11/16/07 10:35 PM

If you're on a budget, thrift stores are great places to score vintage dessert plates (I usually get them for under one dollar each). I'm amassing quite a collection of unmatched plates, which look really cute displayed on a shelf or used for parties.

Apartment Therapy - Dessert Plates
11/16/07 10:28 PM

I have exactly the same problem (except I have two big-ish dogs, so two larger beds in a condo). The only solutions I've reached are to buy a bed that coordinates better (at least in Chicago, TJ Maxx and Marshalls have some really pretty ones for under $30) or make a cover for my exisiting beds.

Of course, my dogs prefer the couch over their beds anyway, so I could probably just ditch the beds entirely.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Help With My Dog Bed?
11/15/07 10:17 AM

Not - and wasn't there some discussion that this idea may possibly have been ripped off from another designer?

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not? Urban Outfitters Pillowcase Sets
11/15/07 06:21 AM

Our targets (in Chicago) have far more Christmas merchandise out. I love the Christmas home decor selection this year. There's a neat glam aesthetic. I particlarly like the mirror trees ( and mirrored advent calendar (

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Amy Ruppel at Target
11/12/07 07:53 AM