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Hi, Petz here, from the R3project.

Yes, the structure of the kitchen cabinets is from IKEA for 2 reasons: cost availability. Not many kitchen shops let you buy cabinets without the front panels. I have to admit that I don't know how many miles the IKEA materials have clogged up, but I like that everything they sell comes flat-pack, and so reduces the impact on the environment.

We love the wooden work surface that IKEA offers, and the fact that all their wood is certified from sustainably managed forests. The doors are not merely aesthetic, but also functional; we did not cover or throw out original doors.

The IKEA structure makes it really easy to find hinges and attach the doors, since IKEA has that very well worked out and you just have to make the panels according to the size and mechanism of IKEA. Plus it's long-lasting if you do it right!

I would have much preferred to build the whole cupboards from locally salvaged wood but unfortunately that option didn't fit neither budget nor timeframe. To reduce materials though, we opted for metal hanging-systems instead of heavy cupboards for the top part of the kitchen. We also find it more practical but that depends on how you like your kitchen organised.

Please let me know if you have more questions, and thanks for the comments!


PS: Check out what other stuff we came up with in the <a href:>R3project</a>

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4/12/10 10:05 AM