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Great job - it really looks fantastic. I love the variation of the nickels - some heads, some tails, different directions.

The floor really gives the room subtle sparkle and a quirky twist.

Nickel Tile Floor! A DIY Bathroom Renovation
10/2/10 05:58 PM

Round Rock, TX [Austin burb]

2 bed / 2.5 bath 1400 sq ft townhome with small patio and yard on a greenbelt

Bought in 2005; 30 yr fixed mortgage 4.85%; 900 w/ tax & insurance, plus 200.00 HOA.

redstripe78 , my old family home is at 40th and N. College. It was a gorgeous big old early 1920's red brick Georgian that my grandmother sold in the mid 60's when the area got rough. So happy to read that the area nearby has become so desirable again.

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/21/10 11:27 PM

I use the Fyllen from IKEA - three of them:one each for whites, brights and darks.

My bedroom is upstairs and the laundry is downstairs. Because these are super light-weight and strong, I can easily carry two at a time down the stairs. They are collapsible so you can squash and store them - unfortunately for me the laundry is never done so they are always full!

Hiding Laundry in a Small Home Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
4/11/10 06:37 PM