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oh, how I love barnacles. I think Mr Darwin would also approve!

Element Clay Studio's Handmade Porcelain Wall Tiles
1/18/11 07:54 PM

I call that space the "No Zone", for every time something drops down a space like that I can be heard moaning, "Noooooo!". Really, there is "No" easy way to fish things out of those "Zones". No Zone. I hate the No Zone.

A Simple Way To Cover The Space Between My Stove & Countertop?
Good Question

1/13/11 01:04 PM

eternalvoyageur is spot on about the rugs. I suggest using only one of those rugs so it sits under all of the furniture- the sofa, front legs of the desk and just under the bed. you could try either orientation to see what fits best. Throw pillows on the couch are a must. Graphic art, rather than what is up there. Love lenzai's idea about dressing the chair-as-nightstand and switching/ditching the tall lamp. I would also put a small table in front of the sofa on the right side for some visual balance. Bringing in a lighter robin's egg blue as an accent will also bring some of that requested "pizzazz"!

How Can I Add Pizazz To This IKEA-ish Room?
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1/13/11 12:50 PM

am I the only person who can't wait for this tripod-ed trend to die? especially when a big-ol' shade is involved...

A Spotlight on Spotlights
9/6/10 06:36 PM

doing dishes in the summer heat is the bane of my existence. I am all about all-hot-water-washups, so unless it's a cool evening things pile up. sometimes I actually look forward to our ridiculously cold montreal winters- the prefect incentive to get those dishes done. often.

7 Tips For Keeping House — When You'd Rather Not
9/6/10 06:28 PM

this is just screaming for potted plants. seems like a huge oversight! also, the blue doesn't really work imo, I like the idea of bold and contrast, but blue is almost boring. any number of yellows would be grand. and plants, please buy some plants!

Black Painted House: Love It or Leave It?
9/6/10 06:14 PM

I'm feeling more of a warm greys/white palette.

...did a quick mockup here: http://yfrog.com/jugoldcouchj

Color to Brighten Up Room with Dull Gold Sofa?
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8/7/10 03:37 PM

Look to cherry blossoms as inspiration!

Cheery Wall Colors to Suit Roommate's Burgundy Sofa?
Good Questions

8/3/10 12:17 AM