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I like it. Just paint the panels all the same color, like others have said. Leave the glass alone.

Help Me Decorate Around Paneled Wall?
Good Questions

8/19/11 06:25 PM

I envy all you people who can 1. sleep in the middle of the day and 2. not feel like warmed-over crap when you wake up.

The Best Furniture In Which To Get Your Nap On
6/29/11 07:43 PM

I would lose the valances and mini blinds and go with Roman shades.

Before & After: Taking a Room from Meh to Oh Yeah!
Imperfectly Polished

6/29/11 07:39 PM

@ potpie - Don't make me cry.

Portable Luxury: A Sneak Peek of Singita's Explore Camp
6/21/11 07:50 PM

Frisky loved my mom's platform rocker and truly resented it when he was displaced.

The Best Piece Of Furniture According To Your Pets
6/21/11 07:44 PM

It looks cool, but there are some things I'm not understanding, for starters, how do you get to it? Wade through the pond? trample the plantings around it? balance on the ledge surrounding the pond? I'm sure I'm missing something obvious because I always miss something obvious. Also, it doesn't look long enough to lie on and if you were to sit on it you would struggle to keep yourself somewhat upright. It looks cool, it just doesn't seem very useable.

Why This Outdoor Space Is Just As Cool As You Think It Is
6/8/11 06:56 PM

The after is very nice, but it looks like a lot of other high-end johns. I liked the red and white tile - it was different.

Before & After: Jason's Beautiful Bathroom Remodel
6/8/11 06:40 PM

I bookmarked the Blue Box site. Had no idea this service existed. Great to know! Thanks, Sarah!

5 Places To Shop For IKEA When There Isn't One Around
6/2/11 11:46 PM

Since you're both still in school you'd probably get far more out of using the space as an office. Once you're out of school then have a formal dining room if you still want one by then.

And btw, look at you with all that closet space. And a pantry! Color me jealous.

What To Do With Small Dining Room?
Good Questions

5/26/11 06:00 PM

Our toilets are haunted. They go through periods where they randomly flush themselves. The building maintenance guy replaces the flappers and that sometimes helps.

Recently our microwave healed itself. For several months it was shutting itself off while it was running and making a moaning noise. Then it all stopped as abruptly as it started and has been fine for a year.

@ pier723: Be careful of that Vizio. I've seen many of those being returned to my local Costco. I overheard one customer say that his was shooting sparks.

Help, My Kitchen Is Possessed! When Appliances Act Crazy
5/20/11 05:37 PM

#1, please. And feel free to throw in #10 while you're at it.

Quietly Quirky: 10 Interesting & Irreverent New Wallpapers
ICFF 2011

5/16/11 04:49 PM

Terrific job. Looks 100x better.

Before & After: $1,200 Kitchen Makeover
Fresh Home Magazine

5/16/11 04:45 PM

The opera boxes (my favorite) has been featured here before, I think. It's one of my favorite wallpapers ever.

Wallpaper Made from Stone: Trove Debuts StoneGround
5/9/11 10:26 PM

Oh, yeah; the knotty pine had to go. The rehab is terrific. Great job!

Before & After: Lisa DIY Kitchen Rehab
5/6/11 08:25 PM

Two people living in a 3600 sq. ft. house is not green.

Green Tour: Jessica & Jered's Solar-Heated, Stylish Home
5/4/11 05:38 PM

Any mention of terrariums reminds me of an old Doonesbury cartoon from the early '80s: Zonker was babysitting someone's terrarium and he named it E.T. - Extra Terrarium.

25 Terrariums To Try, Buy & DIY
4/29/11 07:00 PM

Love every inch.

Back To The Old House With The Smiths
House Tour

4/28/11 06:23 PM

This is genius.

Transforming Lego-Style Apartment in Barcelona
Tiny House Blog

4/28/11 06:07 PM

Like others have said, if there's no bathroom or kitchen this space is merely a tiny bedroom; it's not an apartment.

Luke's Barely Habitable
4/25/11 09:53 PM

What arcgrrl said.

Maureen's Modern Millwork
4/25/11 09:41 PM