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actually, the upside-down-lampshade-idea isn't bad, esp. if you're only going to use it to sit a vase or a potted plant. those nasty old lampshades are fairly sturdy and would look just like a cupcake wrapper if you spraypainted them. i think i might try this.

Jellio Birthday Table
7/6/07 05:55 AM

this would make for a very awkward dinner party.

Hot or Not?
6/29/07 12:07 PM

love that.

Lab Candleholder
6/25/07 12:01 PM

honestly i was a little let down by this issue. the house tours didn't put a hitch in my giddy-up and everything felt like it was a discarded idea they had to put to use at last.

krista ewart's place was cool, but i thought everything else missed the mark.

Blogging Domino: 06.07
6/5/07 10:34 AM

how pretty. i hope to have something like this one day.

Inspiration: Small Outdoor Gardens
5/31/07 10:18 AM

wow, that little cat can definitely get some air.

love the bedroom.

House Tour: Jen Dave's Pet-Friendly Palace
5/31/07 10:13 AM

the only thing this list is missing is the pistol you use to end your suffering.

curtis, they also forgot: silk-and-wool scarf, black velvet blazer, black and/or brown motorcycle boots.
5/30/07 03:38 PM

magnaverde, if i rented a car and found a sizable wasps nest in the trunk, i would be absolutely terrified.

that said, i leave stuff everywhere all the time.

Small Cool 2007: Honorable Mention #2
5/14/07 09:40 PM

in my very first apartment at the age of nineteen, the previous tenant left a bottle of red wine, a corkscrew, a tiny bag of pot, and a really beautiful glass pipe. they were sitting in the bedroom atop the radiator.

since then i've always left a bottle of wine and a note whenever i move out. i figure it's good karma.

NY Times: What Gets Left Behind
5/14/07 09:33 PM

i'm so glad this got an honorable mention. i love what a departure this place is from most of the entries.

Small Cool 2007: Honorable Mention #2
5/14/07 10:11 AM

a dear friend ruined your zebra rug. i've been there. twice.

i really admire that you've made your small space incredibly dramatic. most people living in a 300 sf apt would go all white and keep to an open floor plan. you went in the opposite direction and it looks fabulous.

East Semi-Finalist #1: Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
5/14/07 10:06 AM


Jolly Side Table by Kartell
5/8/07 07:01 PM

in theory i like this, but the idea of sitting across from someone with a panel of pink plexi between us is kinda creepy.

Blueprint's Plastic Panel Idea : A Local Source
5/1/07 09:05 AM

looking at this makes me horrified at the dump i lived in for a year while a student at the university of kentucky. i mean, you have windows. my dorm room was about the same footprint as that arc lamp.

regardless, nice work.

#33 - Tim's Overlapping Spheres
5/1/07 08:58 AM

those lucite chairs are so. gorgeous.

i really dig this place; it's just masculine enough. of course, i think i like it because my place looks very similar. i wish we could see the bedroom because that thing above your bed looks pretty cool.

#32 - Nick's Lucid Lucite Clinical Creativity
4/30/07 07:49 PM

i thought this place was really cute, but now i kinda love it because you engineered those sliding doors to have a bigger dance floor. my kind of people.

Marlene Todd’s Love Nest
4/23/07 09:28 AM

michelle, not sure if it's the same light, but the people at wary-meyers made this kind of fixture a few months back for a feature in new york magazine. you can email them to ask your question:

i emailed them a few months ago to ask something, and they responded really quickly and were very, very friendly.

Look!: Milk Carton Lanterns in Austin
4/5/07 03:42 PM