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As someone who struggles with the idea of whether we can raise a child in a comparably small space, I think this is fantastic! I would love to see more posts on innovative small space living!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Family Home in the East Village Dwell
6/5/09 07:12 PM

Yes -- more details on the tub would be great (we are also in a similar size place and are shopping for deep soaking /Japanese soaking tubs)

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Dehlia's Calm, Cool & Collected Tiny Division #50
4/16/09 05:13 PM

Many origami designs can be done with napkins (get an origami book or look at a website and play around -- it gives you a different selection than sticking with napkin folding books) and a bit of starch-- the more folds, though, the more difficult to retain the look as the fabric is too wadded -- we folded 125 napkins into samurai hats for our wedding reception (although I talked my husband out of sewing them, based on the comment above, that it loses the function and charm of also being a napkin once it's sewn together). (Plus, a little folding and starch is a tiny fraction of that $50 price tag.) -- Directions at a number of places, including: (

Apartment Therapy - Folding Napkins: Origanimals by Diana Eng
11/20/07 02:36 PM