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We've managed to furnish our place (2 bedrooms, a living/dining room, 832 sq ft) w/R&B over about 5 years, and it cost a whole lot less than $25,000. The cost worked out to $200-a-month. Way affordable for stuff that will last for years and years and years.

Room Board San Francisco | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/11/09 04:42 PM

I'm neutral on the mural, but can someone point me in the direction of that chair? I want to learn more about it!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Anthony Savini Wall Murals at Urban Outfitters
10/4/08 01:36 PM

Nice merge of traditional lines and clean modern silhouettes. Also, can you tell me which paint color you used in the shot with the drop-leaf table and lilac chair? I crave it!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #38: Sarah's 783 in Cambridge
4/25/08 08:03 PM

And, uh, "phone" should be "floor." This is what I get for surfing on conference call.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #1: Ana and Bob's Bay Area Nest
4/2/08 01:33 PM

Another Alameda resident -- your place is so cute! Well done. I love your phone.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #1: Ana and Bob's Bay Area Nest
4/2/08 01:32 PM

Seriously? $150-$280 per month?

Get thee to a farmer's market and spend that much PER YEAR on beautiful, local flowers instead! Or spend that kind of dough redoing your landscaping.

Good lord. I love plants but seriously, $150 for ONE arrangement per month?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | San Francisco Flower Subscription from Rose and Radish
3/26/08 02:55 PM

Hmmm. I had one hanging on the back of my bathroom door for a year (we had no other bathroom storage), and we never had problems with condensation, stickiness, dust or any other gunky malady.

In other words, it never got gross. Perhaps others who have also tried this storage method can weigh in?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Clear Hanging Shoe Organizer in the bathroom?
1/30/08 02:18 PM

So cheery! And if you've got the space, why not display a collection like this in a kitchen?

Also, I love that this kitchen is in Newport News. When I was growing up there, the entire region was under the sway of the Colonial Williamsburg aesthetic. Great to see branching out!

Apartment Therapy - #2 - Aja's Anti-Depressive Kitchen
10/1/07 03:03 PM

The one good thing about bifolds: you can open them up and get a good look/ good access to your whole closet. The problem with the sliding doors is there's usually that weird little zone in the middle that is never quite as viewable/reachable.

I'm sure there are sliding-door exceptions to this -- I hope to get some from the smarties in this thread.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Purchase Bifold Closet Doors?
9/13/07 03:37 PM

Monkeyme, I think this site is for people in all living situations to get ideas. Lord knows I can't afford everything featured on this site -- but I can use it all to develop my own style vocabulary and to better understand what I like and don't like.

Apartment Therapy - Rejuventation Lighting Hardware
9/11/07 02:00 PM

My salary's not through-the-roof or anything, but I figure the prices for a light fixture work out well considering it's something I'm going to look at every day for years at a time.

Love Rejuvenation Hardware. Their customer service and catalog are aces.

Apartment Therapy - Rejuventation Lighting Hardware
9/11/07 01:10 PM

MrGreen, what I should have pointed out: books only get as dusty as other items in your household do. They'll only accumulate dust if you are not regularly wiping all the items/surfaces in your household clean of dust on a regular basis.

I am sorry my pithiness obscured the real intent of the message. In the future, I will endeavor to make all my messages hew to a specific reading level.

House Home Roundup: 07.12.07
7/12/07 01:08 PM

Books only get dusty if you don't dust them. That's not a difficult task, nor is it even particularly time-consuming. And I say this as someone with 1000 books in my 832-sq-ft house.

Books can be beautiful, functional decor.

House Home Roundup: 07.12.07
7/12/07 11:24 AM

boomer, I was very curious about your Prius/Hummer-related statements, so I began looking for cites to confirm for myself.

Might your statements be linked to the CNW Marketing Research firm's report? The veracity of those claims is being quibbled in a few places:

and so on.

I have a pretty open mind about the impact of either car -- I just want to see cites behind some of these statements, that's all.

Top 10: Simple Green Things
6/14/07 04:04 PM

Why isn't going tankless for every house?

(I ask because we're considering it for our two-person household.)

Your Home: Is 'going green' worth the cost?
6/6/07 11:49 AM

Oh, Chris, I made that commute from Alameda for 1.5 years and yes, it does indeed SUCK.

We've got 832 SF, 2 ba/1 br, 1920s Spanish cottage with a perfectly petite front and back yard. We got it for ... less than the median price in the area at the time. The tradeoff, of course, is that we'll be working on it for the next five years because previous owners made the windows smaller (why?), plastered over and filled in all the lovely inter-room arches (why?), paved over much of the front and side yards (why?), and covered over all the original redwood trim in 5 layers of paint (why?).

But we have location. Both of us work in SF, so the commute's easy, and that was the No. 2 priority. The No. 1 priority was to live in a great neighborhood with plenty of amenities within walking distance, and that is pretty much Alameda in a nutshell. I figure the wood floors (refinished after a flood) and the satisfaction of restoring an older place to a beautiful, functional home are tied for No. 3.

Housing Musts and Maybes
4/30/07 09:28 AM

Other than a hall, what have we seen here?

I mean, it's a nice view, but that's pretty common in an SF apartment. Show us how you've arranged the living room or the kitchen. This entry feels hastily-produced. Given how carefully other entrants have photographed their spaces and crafted their pitch, why should we be bowled over by some recycled house-tour photos and some copy about the floors and view?

#22: Lisa and Dan's Bright and Burnished Digs
4/27/07 01:34 PM

It could be really great in some rooms.

Painted furniture doesn't always have to equal Kute Kuntry Kraft.

Look!: Painted Furniture
4/5/07 02:55 PM