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Oh I adore small things! I am thrilled to see such a sweet and humble blog win. Ginny's photos are stunning and her words sincere. I visit them often.

The Homies Winners: Best of 2013! Homies 2013
2/20/13 08:20 PM

Wow! A study in perfection. I am duly impressed!

Family Friendly Playroom in Venice Professional Project
2/14/13 06:45 PM

Oh my! It's a childhood dream come true.

A Handmade Miniature Mouse Tree House
9/13/12 12:56 AM

My kids adore this park. It's near their grandparents house so every time they visit Nan & Pop they spend hours here. It is hands down the best playground we've ever been to. Beautiful spot too.

An Amazing Australian Playground
9/12/12 09:29 AM

Beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe over little Zion's bed. The crucifix over the main bed is, however, heart stopping.

Jamison, Alec & Zion's "Elegant Circus" Home
House Tour

8/30/12 11:37 PM

Impressive! These would be great in caravans and small holiday cabins.

Double Murphy Bunk Bed by Casa Kids
8/30/12 10:15 PM

The clouds on the kid's room ceiling!!!

Shelley & Reed's Creative Cottage House Tour
5/22/12 06:54 AM

So sweet!

Mel's Complete & Balanced Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 09:00 AM

Really, really like this.

Jess' Charming Character Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 07:10 AM

You can really see that a lot of thought and love has been poured into this space.

Isobel's Creativity on the Walls Small Cool Contest
4/21/12 09:27 PM

And the winner is........

Matt's Well Curated Collection Small Cool Contest
4/21/12 08:52 PM

I would really like to see more!

Sandy & Nick's Seems Huge Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 07:44 AM

A family of five? Wow - well done! That deserves a vote!

Suzi's Change of Pace Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 07:20 AM

What a perfect little home.

Sarah's Kit House Redux Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 10:38 AM

Don't you just love being taken to task for daring to stack dishes on your own stove? Or for having the temerity to present your home at it's best when sharing it with the world; for a competition no less? You've got some nerve Alexis!

Alexis' Cabinet of Curiosities Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 10:19 AM

So much to like here!

Olivia's Basement Flat Small Cool Contest
4/17/12 08:49 AM


Tabitha's Rare View Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 05:12 AM

Lovely, soothing space. I felt so calm just scrolling through the photos. It would be helpful if AT could include a floor plan in every tour - the way they do in the small,cool tours. It allows the viewer to understand the layout and flow of each home so much better - the next best thing to being there in person. P.S. Caitlin - another vote here if you decide to enter small, cool. It's positive peer pressure!

Caitlin's Small, Stylish San Francisco Home House Tour
4/15/12 11:01 PM

The definition of restraint.

Jeremy's Personal Stories Small Cool Contest
4/11/12 12:19 AM

Brave, fun and unique.

Dan'l's Caretaker's Apartment Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 08:58 AM