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A Survival Guide to Life in Los Angeles:
10 Things You Need To Know

8/7/13 03:56 PM

two of my LA faves.

Design Q&A with Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield
5/22/13 08:29 PM


What Helps You Sleep?
3/22/13 05:39 PM

you forgot to the most important commandment: check for bed bugs! you do NOT want hitchhikers!

The Ten Commandments of Used Furniture
2/28/13 12:08 PM

matt bites is the best!

Best Food Photography on a Blog The Homies 2013
2/2/13 10:51 PM

i've been brass obsessed for years now- shiny or dull- and my obsession shows no signs of easing anytime soon. like the above commenter, i too am obsessed with mixing metals- brass, chrome, copper, aged bronze, gilt- it's all good!

thanks for including me in your round-up!

Metallic Color: Beautiful Brass
11/1/12 09:48 PM

every room should have something living in it- a tree, if there is room, or if not, a simple trader's joe's orchid or flowering bromeliad. also, try to keep accessories light n bright- think whites and metallics. last, add in eclectic art and lighting that doesn't necessarily anythng else inteh room- things are looking pretty matchy-matchy, and matchy-matchy always makes a room seem flat.

oh yeah- the rug is a little grandma. try for something a bit hipper.

How Do I Soften the Look of My New
Living Room? Good Questions

10/23/12 04:33 PM

your place looks great, chelsea, and i'm having huge pangs seeing the etagere again. promise me if you ever sicken of it, you'll let me buy it back! ;-)

congrats on the awesome tour with marcia- so funny when worlds collide!


Chelsea & Alex's Balanced Style Blend House Tour
8/9/12 01:44 PM

over-sharer here (maison21 if you are curious). i started out sharing my life and projects to build my design business, and somehow found out along the way the i like being a pseudo-exhibitionist. i love that thousands of people (sort of) care what i have to say when i say it, and i also love inviting people into my world, although into a edited, public portion of said world (a photo of my dirty socks thrown on the floor isn't going to be put on the blog... unless of course, my dog or cat looks particularly cute in the photo, then all bets are off).

and just as much as i enjoy exposing bits of my life and work, i love to peek into the lives of others, so the voyeur in me hopes this is a long lived trend. more house tours, please!

Over-Sharing and Over-Caring: Decorating Our Homes in the Digital Age
7/11/12 04:25 PM

i never get tired of john lyle's vestal firescreen. such a classique.

Patrick's Game of Thrones Inspired
King's Chamber Dream Living Room

6/18/12 03:50 PM


Minimal Presence, Maximum Illumination: Lim C Table Lamp Daily Tech Find
5/24/12 04:57 PM

pass. too "retro" and will be expensive to update.

Take or Leave This Craigslist Find? Good Questions
5/14/12 06:06 PM

love this, thank you abby!

Designers on Design: Christian May Apartment Therapy Interview
5/11/12 09:30 PM

hey- could you fix the spelling of my blog's name? it's "maison21", not "masion21". thank you!

Best Home Design Blog Nominations
The Homies 2012

2/27/12 06:23 PM

the illustrations are awfully sweet.

Before & After: Two-Liter Artistry Eric Barclay
2/27/12 12:04 PM

hey, what happened to the joey tribbiani/friends comment? that was my FAVE!

Before & After: Paint that Monkey!

2/21/12 04:28 PM

i am enjoying every comment, patrick- this is what makes design so fun... everyone has their own perspective and taste!

Before & After: Paint that Monkey!

2/21/12 04:17 PM

always loved that dog on "friends". ;-)

Before & After: Paint that Monkey!

2/21/12 04:00 PM

trying to hide a 50" black box is usually worse than the 50" black box itself (see picture one).

Designing Your Space: TV, To Hide or Not to Hide
12/2/11 01:39 PM

i want.

Setting the Standard: The Geneva Model M
Unplggd Test Lab

11/22/11 07:55 PM