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Adorable room and adorable baby! So glad you didn't feel the need to have her name in giant letters over the crib. Is anyone else really over that?

My Room: Mirabelle Rose
Portland, OR

1/22/11 08:18 AM

He will be a hoarder in 20 years because he was not allowed to have anything "out" when he was a baby.

When Is Minimalist Too Minimal?
1/21/11 11:39 AM

This would have been helpful in place of a baby gate when my son was little. He loved to climb the stairs even though he wasn't supposed to be going up alone. Not sure if it would've been too helpful when he was upstairs......and I also have no clue how this extra space would be useful. Someone clever will come up with something.

Disappearing Stairs: The Ultimate Space Saver | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/8/10 05:38 PM