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I once sat two chairs away from a woman who used her iPad (yes iPad) to check her email in the theatre. I was not impressed with her and asked her to turn it off. She was annoyed at me for doing that. How rude.

You can last 1.5 hours without checking your email or phone. If you are waiting for an urgent call put it on vibe and get out of the theatre to check. Any type of light, no matter how low you keep it or even if you keep it in your purse, will escape and bother people around you.

Politely \"Rude\": 8 Graceful Ways to Break Tech Etiquette When You Absolutely Must
10/29/13 11:42 AM

Frozen Vegetables (corn, peas, cauliflower)
Frozen Fruits
Meats (ground beef patties, beef cubes)
Lemon/Lime/peeled and sliced ginger (for drinks and tea)
Ice packs and ice cubes
Candles (they burn longer when frozen :-) )
Meals portioned for one because its only me here :-)

What Are Your Top 5 Freezer Essentials?
10/1/12 11:56 AM

@STH totally agree with you. I've been making my own laundry detergent for a year now and store it in a recycled container.

Go Greener: More Efficient Recycling with New Cardboard Bottles
5/10/12 10:41 AM

I've had this before, to take off the gunk I used a toothbrush and rinse. If there is mold then I dipped the brush in bleach and removed it.

For easy maintenance: Keep a bottle of 50/50 water/vinegar and spray after every shower.

I never had problems since.

Tips For Cleaning Shower Door Track?
Good Questions

2/16/12 01:49 PM

I've already thrown away my DVD cases and stored the discs in binders but now I'm thinking of putting them all in digital format. Can anyone suggest how I may go about doing that? No I'm not a pirate I just want a digital copy of what I have.

Thanks a bunch.

How to Downsize Movie & Music Collections
1/26/12 09:41 PM

I'm too lazy to do the cake thing so I use plain Tim bits (doughnut holes) dipped in chocolate :P

How To Make Cake Pops
1/22/12 10:24 AM

I keep telling my clients to use their computer alarms (or whatever they want to use as a clock) to set times during the day for stretching also. Too many people stay glued, unmoving, to their computers then complain of being stiff at the end of the day.

I will certainly tell them to use this for water as well :-)

Tech Wellness Tip: Set Phone Alarms for Hydration Nudges
10/6/11 09:18 AM

I tried to do this once but however much I tried to be precise in tying the knots a the exact length, the shelves were always crooked. :-P

I'm glad someone else was able to pull it off.

Reader Project: Erin's Affordable Hanging Bookshelves
8/29/11 05:20 PM

I actually turn my soap bars into liquid soap. I also reuse the bottles so there is less waste. I find that the liquid soap lasts longer than the bars.

@akay poptarts are the first things that popped into my head when I saw that picture LOL.

Hot Tip: No More Soap Bits! Rub the Old on the New
8/24/11 10:45 AM

Is it just me or do you just want to grab that face and kiss it?

How to Keep Pets Cool In The Heat
7/16/11 09:21 AM

I like the paper plate idea. I actually use coffee filters for extra snack bowls :-)

5 Things To Repurpose For Your Next Picnic
Martha Stewart

6/26/11 06:41 PM

Actually how about turning OFF the phone during the movie... we don't need the noise or the blinding glare.

A Good Reason to Keep You Cell Phone On Vibrate
6/13/11 05:23 PM

@jrossi1217, @kdeeley thanks for your input. I have a slow cooker and was wondering if I should do the switch. Does anyone know if one uses less energy than the other?

Pressure Cookers: Making a Comeback?
6/13/11 02:42 PM

OK so what is the difference between what a pressure cooker does and what a slow cooker does...is it the time that it takes to cook?

Pressure Cookers: Making a Comeback?
6/13/11 10:22 AM

I don't have a trash in my home office either. Everything gets recycled or, in the case of sensitive information, shredded then recycled.

The Clutter-Busting Piece Missing From Every Home Office
4/7/11 01:35 PM

I would love to get rid of the packaging, still would like to keep some movie artwork though. I think I will start looking at possible binders.

Would also love to keep a digital copy of all my movies but how does one go about that? any recommendations?

Quick Media Reorganization

1/21/11 01:37 PM

I'm finding this a very useful post. I don't have a regular blender nor an immersion blender and was looking at getting either one. I don't have a lot of space at home so the immersion blender is looking more appealing. Now all I have to do is to decide which brand I want to go for :-)

Immersion Blenders: Should You Buy One?
1/6/11 10:00 AM

I personally shut the phone/turn it to vibrate when I am with my friends. I don't even look at text messages because I can look at them later. Text messages are not emergencies for me at any rate. Voicemails can pick up the rest.

A very annoying thing occurred to me as I was teaching a CPR class. As I was walking around making sure the students had the correct technique this one guy was doing compressions with one hand while texting with the other hand! Needless to say he lost his phone until the next break time and suffered ridicule from his classmates.

Do You Switch Off Your Phone When You Are With Friends?
Tech Etiquette

11/19/10 08:44 AM

How about thermoses for food? I don't have a microwave at work and I would love to eat hot food (even warm food) for lunch. Any recommendations?

10 Terrific Thermoses
11/3/10 08:35 AM

Duh is right, simple solution... you rock SheGuyver!

Your Old Coiled Phone Cord Can Help Wrangle Wires
9/23/10 01:12 PM