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Timely for me. I just ripped out all the walls in the back half of my apt. [bedroom/bath/hall/2 closets] and am building one giant space. When finished, you'll see the sink from the bed, so I need to negate some of the subconscious cues that say "bathroom". One way is an upholstered chair to blur the borders/definitions/roles.

Are Bathrooms the New Living Room?
8/14/07 11:26 AM

Yes, bluestar, you are paranoid. lol love it.

Susa Industrial Headphones
7/3/07 07:48 PM

I don't know, for me it *does* look warm and alive. I'm admittedly a clean lines guy, not one to want to live in an antique store, mind you. With an apt the size of a postage stamp, some compromises inevitably need to be made. What they've done is to place *fewer* pieces in the apt so it doesn't look cluttered. I say, "Bravi!" Very inviting, accomodating.

#3- Eric and Ammo's Eye-catching Abode
4/12/07 04:48 PM

Hi, I have a dishwashing machine [came with the apt.] which I rarely use, but works great as a dish drainer. Funny, I also salivate every time I visit my friend in Rome and see the drainer above his sink, and a friend tells me that in Colombia where he is from, a kitchen is considered unfinished if it doesn't have one of these OTS drainers. Somehow in all our marketing ingenuity we here in the States miss some of the simple solutions.

Good Questions: Over the Sink Drying Racks?
4/5/07 02:37 PM