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beautiful! ditto on the rug/laps. love the butterflies, too! very interesting and eclectic without being overwhelming.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Alexandra's Spiced Chai Living Room Room for Color - North #4
10/7/09 09:37 PM

While I don't mind terribly letting my cat on my couches, I've been absolutely unsuccessful at keeping her from clawing at the upholstery.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Pets on the Furniture...Yea or Nay?
9/23/09 08:52 PM

To Kill a Mockingbird- there's nothing like Macon, Georgia in the summer during the depression

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8/15/09 02:33 PM

A few winters ago, IKEA ran a special event whereby they gave $100 gift certificates to the first thirty people who showed up dressed as holiday presents. Its hard to hold anything against a multi-national corp that does that.

Apartment Therapy New York | Is Your Home an IKEA Catalog?
4/29/09 07:53 PM

I use three of Ikea's Bygel rods (and some ikea S-hooks), hung on the ceiling above my stove, as a hanging pot rack because the ceiling in my kitchen is too low for a normal pot rack. It works really well and was cheap cheap cheap.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 8 Places to Use Kitchen Rails in Your Home
1/25/09 09:50 PM

antlers, chandeliers, and wall decals designed to look antlers and chandeliers.

also, pillows and prints with the same same same same vibe (updated 70s graphics or elongated botanical shadow prints). the prints are pretty, just over done over done over done.

agree with mileErica re: same furniture arranged in slightly different configurations in every.single.interior.

Apartment Therapy New York | Design Bloggers Weigh-In: Trends We Would Love To See The End Of Elle Decor, January/February 2009
12/19/08 06:20 PM

The stove at Kentucknob, a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Pennsylvania, has a similar stove. The docent of my tour of the house said that the design was discontinued because so many people closed the stoves before the burners were cool (fire fire fire).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: A Secret Stovetop
9/10/08 05:18 PM

all my fingers and toes are crossed.

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7/10/08 07:17 PM

Libraries and Archives are not only wonderful for all the reasons listed above. But also because they ensure that people have free access to information that can expand an appreciation for sustainability, science, governmental accountability, civil rights, design and on and on and on.

As far as the germy thing goes, if you find a library book that is damaged with food then alert the librarians. Libraries employ preservation specialists for common issues such as these.

Mr. Dangerous is right, if you like libraries, then you might want to consider working in one. Keep in mind though, librarians are educated professionals whose numbers are increasing. Before you apply for a librarian job, first get a Masters in Library Science. Otherwise, try Borders.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Green: Use the Library
7/2/08 06:43 PM

archivist says- not true.

Apartment Therapy New York | Friday Survey: Women are Packrats, Men are Minimalists?
5/30/08 03:00 PM

orchids are wonderful wonderful plants. the best type for most houses is the phaleonopsis, moth orchid type. these ones can flourish in the humidity generally found in homes (bathroom or not).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Orchid In the Bathroom?
5/1/08 06:56 PM

the maintenance of those digital documents, and yes they require quite a bit of maintenance if you wish for them to be retrievable in 5 years, requires quite a bit of energy. it may be convenient, but it is not green.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The Paperless Home Office
4/12/08 09:12 PM

i have a few pieces of all clad purchased at the annual All Clad Seconds Sale held every year in Western Pa. the link is...

go steelers!

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