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I could die in this room! The simplicity is perfect! The art is fantastic.

Apartment Therapy - Midwest Fall Colors Finalist #4: Carmen's Little Pops of Color
11/8/07 09:46 AM

Love it! This room is fantastic!

Apartment Therapy - #35- JD Design's Wow Factor
11/8/07 09:44 AM

Sorry to say, but I have never seen a color combination as hideous as this. Teal with Red? Not sure how teal makes it into the category of "Fall Colors". What were you thinking, there is clearly no coherent plan. I can practically taste the bile in my throat. Who decorates a room around a picture? Maybe you got the idea out of some bad 80's movie like "Working Girl", or the same JCPenney catalog where you found the drapes? The mirrors must be from the same bad movie. Are the plants even real? Who puts a topiary in their living room, maybe on the porch, but a living room? All around this room is bad! The only redeeming quality is the pendant light in the Dining Room. Wish the survey was still on. Definitely a LONG SHOT, I see others agree.

Apartment Therapy - #37 - Heather and Erik's Delightful Domicile
11/8/07 09:41 AM