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Tomatoes and cucumbers cut small, one slice of fetacheese, olive oil and lemon juice. It's like a Greek salad without onion.
This is my everyday breakfast, which I prepare in a small container in the morning and take to the office to eat while drinking a cup of black tea and reading e-mails.

The Pleasures of a Breakfast Salad
9/2/10 03:59 PM

My grandmother used to say "after dinner the dishes cry 'wash me! wash me!' and if you don't wash them right away, next morning it's you who cries".

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 5 Things To Do Before You Go To Bed
4/13/09 02:55 PM

I loved this house. Non-pretentious and harmonious. It gives me the delusion that I could have bought the same pieces and arranged the same way (except the nurcery- I know that I'm not as talented as it needs to put this nursery together).
What a lucky baby girl:)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Mary and Hans' Calming Quarters San Francisco
8/19/08 11:51 AM

Where I live (Istanbul) everyone has a washer, and it is always installed in the bathroom. If you are renting, you take your washer with when changing the house.
Dryers or washer/dryer combos are not common, we airdry. I have a combo though, but use it only in urgent times.
I recently renovated the main bathroom and the guest bathroom. Previously the washer was in the main bathroom and there was a shower in the tiny guest bathroom. After the renovation I put the washer to the guest bathroom, where the shower used to be. Here's the link if you're interested.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | ATLA Survey: Where Do You Do Laundry?
8/19/08 11:29 AM

So, what do you suggest? What's the new color that goes well with brown without looking dreadful?
As most new designs have grey or white instead of brown, rooms with brown furniture and brown parquet started to look too traditional. If you have a classic style, that's fine but I need to find a solution other than painting the furniture white!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sneak Peek: Target Home Collection Fall 08 DwellStudio, Victoria Hagen, Thomas O'Brien and More
8/12/08 12:30 AM

On one hand you don't want the bad karma, on the other hand you loose a lot financially. This dilemma alone can be a good reason to live in a small apartment and/or own minimum stuff.
During their temporary break-up, a friend of mine was complaining about that she was paying for daily life and holidays, and her boy friend was paying the mortgage and buying furniture. So she will have nothing, but he will have all the assets to move on. Maybe this is the subconcious reason why they'll marry in 2 weeks now.
For me it was easier. My first ex payed me appr half of the value, when I left the house and everything in it behind. So I could buy a small condo.
My second ex wanted that I sell him that condo to half price as we lived there together for 4 years, and took almost every piece of furniture away and demolished the rest when I disaggreed.
Well, a lot of opportunities to change the decoration...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Aftermath of a Break-up: Dividing Furniture
6/20/08 03:04 AM

oops, i'm slow. until i wrote mine there are 12 more comments! and now I understand why there were posters saying that I should put my lighting on sidetables and not on the floor. Well yes, but they are loudspeakers.
i am really happy to have all the ideas.
though i doubt that the idea of making the fireplace a focal point by building a conversation area around it would be still valid, as it is not functioning. (sorry for not mentioning this in the first step)
however you gave me a lot of ideas to play with.
by the way i posted few more images to flickr as i mentioned. here's the thread:
as you will see, cusions on the beige couch ware rust colored actually, i just wrapped a violet striped shawl to see how it works.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: The Best Layout for Our Living Room?#comments
11/8/07 11:50 AM

i really thank you all, especially to greenfurniture for the time spent on my case. in order to make it even more efficient i'll try to clear the fuzzy part of my "question".

the fireplace is not working.

i bought the purple couch and the matching carpet years ago for my bedroom (maybe i should consider putting it back there as i have even a purple curtain in the closet for its rebirth:).

the small sidetable between white chairs is a self-painted DIY. i'm glad that you find it cute, but i'll follow advises to put it somewhere else.

the cheap ikea lighting will go away as soon as we settle down.

yes, walls are empty (yet), because i didn't want to nail anything before fixing the layout. this is also why the blonde wooden cd rack is still in the corner on the floor.

brown sideboard is just a simple rack put on floor, whereas the sideboard with brown top and white face is actually better condition.

i didn't intend to decorate the fireplace and the sideboards with those small things (maybe the picture frames only), they just accumulated in the course of time.

mushroom weird shaped thing over fireplace :)) is a metal pirates sail boat bought by my husband-to-be in a holiday in Greece (so I can't put it down:)

unfortunately the view out of the window is not nice, just another block too close (I definitely agree with windows without curtains or with blinds).

the room is big by 20 by 20, but through the 24 mm lens of my camera it looks much bigger.

this may sound odd considering that the tv was on, when the picture was taken, but actually we watch tv seldom if ever. our typical evening activity is listening music with our laptops (me reading AT, him working). the main role of the tv stand is to host the hifi (so even we buy a flat TV the stand we'll need a stand) and the positioning of the loudspeakers are extremely important (actually we want the couch aim at hifi/loudspeakers not at tv necessarily). i would love to find an idea how to avoid the tv being the focal point of the sitting group.

And as a last excuse, i only bought the beige couch for the living room, the dining group came from a friend after her divorce, white armchairs from my mother, you know the story of purple couch/carpet.

So, thank you very much for your valuable comments. After reading them and seeing how fruitful this goes so far I think of putting more detailed images on flickr. I'll post the address as soon as I do so.


Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: The Best Layout for Our Living Room?
11/8/07 10:24 AM