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agreed, dcrosetta. i got glamour instead of domino. wtf.

New Home Design Mag in 2011: Lucky Home
1/19/11 09:50 PM

ditto on domino comments... please fill the void it left in my life when it closed, sigh.

New Home Design Mag in 2011: Lucky Home
1/19/11 01:15 PM

my cat did the same thing to the corner of one of my side tables.... i have been told to maybe use wood putty or wood patch? i'm looking forward to seeing the advice you receive, good luck!

Help! My Dog Ate My Windows!
1/13/11 09:45 AM

this space definitely looks like it breathes peace. it is a soothing environment, bravo! i feel like a comfortable and calming place is probably critical to people trying to flee turmoil. great work.

Private Apartment for Women's Shelter by Mary Mader
Professional Project

1/10/11 02:11 PM

pencils, did you find anything out?

Coralie Bickford-Smith for Penguin Classics | Apartment Therapy New York
4/7/10 12:45 PM