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LOVE everything except the faucet!

Before & After: A Bathroom Color Makeover for the Ages
The Color Cure

8/24/11 02:48 PM

I would live here. It would be very easy to personalize the outside with paint, stain, mosaics, landscaping- any number of things!
I wuld also want my family and supplies to be protected from unprepared irresponsible people who want others to take care of them from the cradle to the grave. People in DC and the surrounding areas (politicians, their assistants, lobbyists, attorneys, etc.) are buying these left and right:

Would You Live in This Safe House?
6/9/11 01:57 PM

Love the idea - if I had a long entrance hallway or big foyer, hanging on a long metal rod attached to the wall. I would treat it like a funky artsy guest closet. The "pokey" ones I would use for scarves or stick gloves on them. Maybe even add a chair or two Shaker-style

Abitudini Chair Back Hangers by Resign
8/11/10 03:43 PM

Colonial Americans adapted to their hardships when they fought their goverment over self-rule. Sorry for the rug sellers, but why don't they get support from their native people and do something about their ancestral homeland? When will the rest of the people of Iran decide to do so? If you're an American and you don't like something that our government is doing, then stop complaining to your friends and family and start complaining to your public servants (i.e. elected politicians) about it. I only hope that some day those people being oppressed by their government can rise above it. Look at the United States! Look at India and Ireland! It is not up to us, it is up to them, and we reserve the right to make our own decisions regarding trade, etc.

Sanctions Against Iran May Cause Small Business Closures
8/11/10 10:43 AM

Where do I get the cool rope sconces?!?

Designing for a Cause: The Urban Showhouse | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/10/10 04:54 PM